DSCSA Training

For Dispensers

Learn DSCSA requirements, workflows, and solutions from expert principal instructors. Gain an enhanced understanding of DSCSA regulation including serialized packaging, labeling, product tracing, product verification, and more.

DSCSA Training for Pharmacies
DSCSA | Serialization | Exceptions

Pharmacy Training Series

Welcome to our comprehensive DSCSA dispenser requirement and implementation training program! This training is designed for dispensing pharmacists, healthcare providers, and supply chain professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and ensure their FDA compliance.

LSPediA training courses are essential to pharmaceutical professionals working in a FDA regulated environment performing various serialization operations under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirement. DSCSA is the most complex regulation to date for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers. Our expert principal instructors will teach you the building blocks of DSCSA including serialized packaging/labeling, product tracing, and product verification.

Course Benefits

DSCSA is complex and comprehensive. Most people have limited or little exposure to the DSCSA requirements and applications in its entirety. Attend the DSCSA Courses for the following benefits.

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Expert Instructors

Not a DSCSA expert? No problem, we'll teach you the knowledge and skills you need to work in an FDA regulated environment.

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Easily Digestible

The DSCSA regulation is complicated. We break it down to digestible bites so you can keep up with the latest requirements, standards, and all future changes/updates.

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Supply Chain Transparency

Gain a broader perspective and insight into your trading partners' supply chain operations and requirements under DSCSA.

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Operations Efficiency

Gain exposure to the best industry practices and tools available to improve your DSCSA operations.

DSCSA Training Modules

Our DSCSA training curriculum for dispensers consists of 6 modules that cover all essential aspects of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.


DSCSA Overview of Dispenser Requirements

An introduction to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, requirements for dispensers, compliance deadlines and timelines.


Serialization and Product Tracing

Understanding DSCSA serialization requirements, the role of product tracing in the supply chain, and implementation of the FDA's electronic tracking system.



EPCIS defined, the transition from lot tracing (TI, TH, and TS) to serial tracing (TI and TS), requirements for EPCIS exchange, global location number (GLN), serialized GLN (sGLN), and tips for efficiently and accurately maintaining records.


Authorized Trading Partners and Verification Systems

Definitions and roles of authorized trading partners, requirements for verification systems, and importance of compliance with verification systems.


Suspect and Illegitimate Products

Identification of suspect and illegitimate products, DSCSA requirements for handling suspect and illegitimate products, and importance of reporting suspect and illegitimate products.


Compliance Best Practices

Tips for ensuring compliance with DSCSA dispenser requirements, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and importance of ongoing education.


LSPedia Pharmacy Pro Implementation

User registration, company and user profile configuration, supplier registration, purchase orders and EPCIS data, scanning and receiving, identifying errors and discrepancies, supplier communication, FDA audits, and 3911 reporting.


Review & QA

Recap of key concepts and requirements, question and answer session, review of next steps for implementation and compliance.

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