identify and manage expiring items

Rx Expiration Management Module

Redirect focus to revenue generating activities.

Easily Identify Expiring Prescriptions Products

LSPedia's Rx expiration management revolutionizes pharmacy operations by providing the capability to effortlessly generate accurate reports of all prescription products nearing expiration within the next 30, 60, or 90 days. This invaluable feature empowers pharmacy staff to efficiently identify and manage expiring items, saving hours that would otherwise be spent manually inspecting every shelf. Now, the team can redirect their focus to revenue-generating activities, ensuring a more streamlined and profitable workflow.

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Automated Expiration Reports

LSPedia's Rx expiration management offers automated and customizable reports, enabling pharmacies to effortlessly generate detailed lists of prescription products nearing expiration in specified timeframes.

Increased Staff Productivity

By automating expiration date monitoring, LSPedia enables pharmacy teams to redirect their efforts towards revenue-generating activities, enhancing overall productivity and profitability.

Time-Efficient Workflow

Stay agile with the ability to update product pack data swiftly and accurately.

Precision in Expiry Management

The system's precision in identifying expiring items allows pharmacies to proactively manage their inventory, minimizing the risk of dispensing expired products and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Rx Expiration Management Benefits

Automated Expiry Management

Regular reporting on inventory with upcoming expiration dates helps to prevent expired product from getting into patient’s hands.

Time Efficiency

Re-supply of product to replace expiring inventory eliminates supply chain lag and the possibility of not having the products that clients need.

Focused Productivity

Less time spent checking expiration dates on shelves means more time to engage customers and grow your business.

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