Track-and-trace regulations around the world represent a complex and ever-evolving set of requirements based on where you operate and what sort of pharmaceuticals you manufacture, distribute or dispense. Read on to learn more.

Around the world, countries are introducing new legislation aimed at preventing counterfeit and harmful goods from entering the global supply chain. These new rules, necessary to boost public safety and confidence in global markets, show broad adoption of end-to-end traceability, embracing the notion that any single product should be fully traceable from its manufacturer down through distribution channels to retailers, health systems, pharmacies, and other public-facing businesses.
However, such rules aren’t always easy to implement or follow. Some of these regulations outline systems, solutions, or methods of collaboration that have not been fully developed, are not immediately accessible to industry, or are difficult to roll out at-scale. Often, businesses struggle to understand their new responsibilities even as they commit staff hours to implementing them, a position that can incur additional costs and hurt productivity – without certainty of protection from regulatory penalties or reputational damage.

Our Mission

LSPedia’s mission is to secure global supply chains with solutions that make it easy, efficient, and profitable to align with regulations that set new standards and leverage new technologies to protect patients, consumers, and communities. Our suite of solutions is flexible, automated, and simple to navigate, empowering our customers with control of both their supply chain data and relevant communications with trading partners and regulators. Secure, cloud-based access and an open platform provide quick, device-agnostic access to our complete range of tools, from scan-in through automated error resolution.

Our customers know that they aren’t just in compliance with current regulations, but future-proofed against those on the way; they know they can rely on LSPedia’s automated compliance features, expert guidance, and unmatched live support. The ability to plan ahead while meeting all current obligations allows them to optimize their supply chain operations while avoiding costly pitfalls, audits, and disputes. No matter which industry we’re serving, our tools provide clarity, comprehensive compliance, and peace of mind, supporting smart decision making and efficiency.

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Explore pharmaceutical regulations across the Americas with LSPedia. From the landmark US DSCSA to Exceptions Pilot and beyond, our comprehensive resource hub keeps you informed about compliance standards in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.


Stay ahead of European pharmaceutical regulations with LSPedia's dedicated resource hub. From EU FMD to Food & Tobacco regulations and the EMVO SDK, our comprehensive content ensures compliance in the dynamic European market.

Middle East Africa

LSPedia provides a comprehensive guide to pharmaceutical regulations in the Middle East and Africa. From Ethiopia's EFDA to Turkey's iTS, our resources keep you informed about compliance standards in these rapidly evolving markets.

Asia Pacific

LSPedia's Asia Pacific Regulatory Hub provides insights into pharmaceutical regulations across South Korea, China, and India (CDSCO). Stay compliant in these diverse markets with our comprehensive resources.

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