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Recall Management Module

No more irrelevant recall alerts.

Recall Alerts for Products Present at Your Locations

LSPedia's Recall Management sets itself apart as the most advanced recall system, leveraging comprehensive data on products received at each location. This strategic approach ensures unparalleled accuracy in recall notifications, allowing users to receive pertinent information only for products they have received. By eliminating unnecessary notifications, our system optimizes efficiency, enabling users to stay in compliance and protect their operations without wasting valuable time on irrelevant recall alerts for products not present at each location.

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Streamlined Compliance

LSPedia seamlessly integrates with the FDA and has established direct connections with manufacturers' repositories, enabling the immediate capture of recalled products. This real-time integration ensures swift and accurate retrieval of crucial recall information for proactive and efficient response.

Eliminate Recall Notice Fatigue

With LSPedia's Recall Management, users receive targeted notifications exclusively for recalled products they have received, eliminating the noise of irrelevant alerts and allowing for precise and efficient response to recall situations.

Regulatory Adherence

Complete records safely stored for regulatory inspections.

Recall Management Benefits

Fast & Accurate Recall Notifications

Only review and react to relevant recall notices so that necessary actions can be taken without delay.


Maintaining a digital record of recall notices, effected inventory and actions taken to comply ensures that you’ll be prepared in the event of an audit.


When product is recalled, time is of the essence. Rapid identification of impacted inventory is the critical first step to pulling it from circulation and protecting customers’ interests.

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OneScan suite is the leading DSCSA solution, designed and proven to increase productivity, profitability, and supply chain visibility. LSPedia's seamless, cloud-based compliance solution streamlines the track and trace requirements with little impact on your daily processes.

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