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Investigator Module

The quickest path to a clean data exchange.

Seamlessly Collaborate with Trading Partners to Resolve Errors

Investigator is the go-to exceptions management solution for the FDA’s Enhanced Supply Chain Security requirement, a 2023 mandate under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). It manages the errors and failures that arise from new DSCSA transactions including EPCIS and VRS.

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AI Data Validation

Investigator validates EPCIS data following DSCSA, GS1, and configurable business rules. The AI detects EPCIS errors (syntax, semantic, data, business rule violations) and displays the exact errors details.

Automated Error Notifications

Investigator automatically emails the responsible point of contact (PoC) in real-time. A speedy resolution is vital as the products must be quarantined until the errors are resolved. FDA DSCSA provides suppliers 72 hours to resolve the data errors.

Quick Error Resolutions

The notification email contains a live hyperlink that enables the point of contact to view, edit, and apply fixes within a few minutes. The result is a successful EPCIS data file exchange that keeps the supply chain moving.

Investigator Benefits


Meet FDA’s DSCSA interoperability requirement and facilitate collaboration with your suppliers and customers.


Manage EPCIS and VRS exceptions rapidly and transparently with trading partner assistance.


Secure and encrypted file exchange delivers data to the right parties, and only the right parties.


Eliminate manual workload of reading EPCIS files and logging incidents.

Automated Resolution Process

EPCIS Errors

Investigator identifies errors in the shipment’s EPCIS file

Email Alert

Real-time email alerts are sent to sender(s)

Location Data

Sender views and corrects the data errors

EPCIS Resubmitted

Sender resubmits the corrected EPCIS data


Customer receives good EPCIS data and shipment is received into stock

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