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Quickly Track the Movement of Drugs and Identify any Issues

Track and Trace refers to the process of monitoring the movement of prescription drugs from the manufacturer to the patient. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandates that all prescription drugs must be traced through the supply chain at the serialized unit-level to help prevent the distribution of counterfeit, contaminated, or otherwise harmful products.

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OneScan is the industry's leading track and trace solution. Our system allows organizations to quickly track the movement of drugs and identify any potential issues, ensuring that patients receive safe and effective medications.

Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)
Lot-Level Tracing

(Sunsetting) Lot-level tracing using ASNs (Advance Shipment Notifications) is a method of tracking prescription drugs as they move through the supply chain. Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) as of 2015, ASNs must be used to provide lot-level information, including the product identifier, manufacturer, and expiration date, to facilitate product tracing. Lot-level tracing is sunsetting and will be replaced with serialized unit-level tracing (EPCIS) in November 2023.

Serialization (EPCIS)
Unit-Level Tracing

Serialized unit-level tracing using EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) is replacing lot-level tracing entirely as of November 2023. It's a method of tracking individual units of prescription drugs as they move through the supply chain. Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), EPCIS must be used to capture and share information, such as the product identifier, serial number, and transaction history, of each individual unit of product. This information helps to identify the specific source and history of each unit, and enables more efficient and effective tracking and recall of potentially dangerous drugs.

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OneScan suite is the leading DSCSA solution, designed and proven to increase productivity, profitability, and supply chain visibility. LSPedia's seamless, cloud-based compliance solution streamlines the track and trace requirements with little impact on your daily processes.

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