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LSPediA Releases OneScan 5.3 for Serialization Transformation

May 13, 2022

LSPediA announced the release of OneScan version 5.3 via a press release that went out on May 10, 2022. OneScan is LSPediA’s flagship cloud solution suite offering the industry’s premier track and trace solution.

The OneScan 5.3 update features improved capabilities in traceability, interoperability, and exception management. It represents the 6th product up-grade since OneScan originally went live in November of 2018. The most recent release contains 154 new features and improvements which will provide exceptional capabilities in the following areas:

  • Mobile – New UI and SDK enabling 3x better performance than traditional RF
  • Integration – ERP, WMS, FedEx, Label printing
  • Investigator – Comprehensive supply chain exception management for EPCIS and VRS.

To learn more about OneScan 5.3, see the press release here