LSPedia OneScan: How Genetco got ahead on DSCSA data

May 24, 2022

With a 24,000-square-foot facility in Ronkonkoma, NY and licensed in 48 states, Genetco, Inc. is one of the largest privately owned generic pharmaceutical distributors in the US. In 2019, Genetco realized that its legacy DSCSA data software was causing daily operational challenges, and consistently failed to meet Genetco’s technical, functional, and operational needs. Missing and erroneous 3Ts were daily occurrences, rendering incoming products unviable for inventory.

Bill Carney, VP of Operations, decided that Genetco needed to find a new DSCSA solution provider. The ideal DSCSA solution would not add complexity or manual processes to Genetco’s high-volume and high-throughput operation. The ideal DSCSA solution would also bring automation, performance, and reliability, making it unnecessary for Genetco to hire and allocate more full-time employees.  

For this, Genetco selected LSPedia’s acclaimed OneScan® solution suites in September 2019. Included in the OneScan Suite were EDI Tracking, EPCIS, VRS, Investigator, and API Connector modules. After 20 weeks of swift implementation, Genetco went live into the production environment, fully integrated with their IBMi AS400 based ERP system. Gone was the clunky old legacy system riddled with issues. In its place was LSPedia’s state-of-the-art OneScan DSCSA technology streamlining distribution with built-in workflow and integrations. Master data, orders, and DSCSA transactions are synchronized and automated between OneScan and the ERP system, using the standard LSPedia APIs, enhancing the data integrity and removing duplicative manual entry.

“LSPedia has proven to be just what we thought – organized and competent,” Carney says. “We had a dedicated LSPedia team during the implementation. They kept our projects on track with weekly implementation meetings, timed deliverables, and up-to-date project plans. Post go-live, our issues and requests are handled immediately by the LSPedia Support Team.”  

This level of efficiency frees up staff time.  Instead of allocating time to request and wait for issue resolution from the legacy solution provider, Genetco’s staff can now focus on getting the pharmaceutical products out the door safely and on time to the pharmacy customers and their patients in need.  

Since the implementation of LSPedia’s OneScan solution, Genetco has realized a 70% reduction in daily issues and an immediate improvement of DSCSA operations. This has led to a significant increase in Perfect Order Rating measured by the right products, right quality, and accurate product tracing data at both the lot and package level.  

A year later in 2021, Genetco executed phase II DSCSA implementation deploying Investigator module to automate VRS and EPCIS Exception Management. Today, Genetco is live in EPCIS data exchange and using Investigator to proactively manage exceptions, meeting the FDA’s interoperability requirement.

When DSCSA requires that data to be exchanged between trading partners to facilitate the shipment, increased processing power becomes necessary to perform complex data exchange and resolve intricate data issues. In addition, wholesale distributors operate a real time environment. DSCSA operations must also be addressed by technology and automation to enable the volume and pace of the product movement. Bill Carney has successfully accomplished his goal – implement the right DSCSA solution that removes complexity and manual process to support Genetco’s high volume and high throughput operation.  

“If you are looking for a software solutions company to resolve issues, be more efficient and, cost effective, allow you to grow productivity utilizing the current personnel and not have to hire more people, then we completely recommend LSPedia,” said Carney.

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