RxChain® Standard Edition

RxChain® Standard Edition

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RxChain® is a turnkey DSCSA Serialization Solution for manufacturers, distributors, repackagers, and dispensers.

It meets the requirement of Track-n-Trace and serialization with robust serial warehouse capabilities and native APIs for ERP integration. RxChain® Cloud Solution, coupled with RxChain® Mobile Apps, enable powerful value-added operations to error proofing customers’ supply chain and track meaningful supply chain metrics. RxChain® adheres to the industry standards including GS1 and Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), as well as all business requirements from the wholesale distributors.


The RxChain® Solution consists of RxChain® Cloud and RxChain® Mobile. It tracks the entire serial number life cycle from integration to dispensing. It integrates with various business systems including ERP, WMS, and EPCIS systems. The Cloud solution is hosted in a FDA qualified environment and the Mobile solution is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile OS.

RxChain® Cloud Solution

RxChain Cloud

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RxChain® integrates and exchanges data with packaging lines, CMOs, Suppliers, 3PLs, and wholesale distributors in a flexible and scale-able manner.

  • Rx Master Data
  • Serial Data Repository
  • Track and Trace reporting with 3Ts / ASN
  • Serialization EPCIS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
  • FDA Audit Reports
  • Automated and manual Serial Request
  • Shipment Notification in ASN and EPCIS
  • Error notification and in-app re-process
  • Supply Chain dashboard with vital KPIs

RxChain® Mobile Solution

RxChain Mobile

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Supply chain is the single most important factor to delivery Rx products to customers and patients. RxChain® mobile solution offers robust warehouse capabilities for inventory transactions and supply chain visibility. Integrated with scanners, cameras, and smart devices, RxChain® captures serialized event data throughout the warehouse operations.

  • Receiving and QA receipt accuracy
  • Packing and shipping serialized and non-serialized Rx
  • Inquiry, Verify, and Warehouse Reconciliation
  • Packaging aggregation and shipment aggregation
  • Returns and dispensing
  • APIs for ERP and WMW integration

RxChain® Portal Solution

RxChain Portal

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RxChain® Portal is an effective, secure, and easy way for users outside of the firewall to retrieve their relevant DSCSA serialization data. RxChain® Portal has the following capabilities:

  • Admin user and user roles
  • User authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Access to 3T track and trace report
  • Access to EPCIS data


It’s crucial to invest in a comprehensive solution that is integrated, scalable, configurable, and interoperable with trading partners. RxChain® meets those needs and provides additional benefits, helping you:

Lower overall serialization spending

Meet DSCSA Serialization compliance requirement

Deploy value added supply chain operation with serialization

Access to supply chain data and supply chain metrics for business decisions

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