LSPedia’s OneScan Suite is the top solution for compliance with the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which mandates complete pharmaceutical traceability – an effort that affects every company across the prescription drug supply chain. OneScan is a secure, cloud-based system that seamlessly integrates with any Enterprise Resource Planning or pharmaceutical management software, enables easy onboarding for Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) data, and can be expanded with modules for additional functionality and convenience.

The solution doesn’t just pair best-in-class technology and services; it’s also adapted directly for trading partners at each level and can be adapted to their unique business challenges and needs. Further, its Investigator is the gold standard for EPCIS exceptions management, ensuring that trading partners are alerted to transaction errors before they can delay shipments or cause other supply chain problems. Its Authorized Trading Partner(ATP) module ensures that business exclusively work with partners authorized under DSCSA, and its Business Intelligence features guarantee that customer scan optimize their solutions for the highest return on their compliance investment.

Lot-Level Tracing via Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)- Sunsetting in 2024

Lot-level tracing using ASN is a method of tracking prescription drugs as they move through the supply chain. Under DSCSA, ASNs must be used to provide lot-level information, including the product identifier, manufacturer, and expiration date, to facilitate product tracing.  Lot-level tracing is sunsetting and will be replaced with serialized unit-level tracing (EPCIS) in November 2023.

Unit-Level Tracing (Serialization) via EPCIS

Serialized unit-level tracing using Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) has replaced lot-level tracing, as of November 2023 for tracking individual units of prescription drugs through the supply chain. Under DSCSA, EPCIS must be used to capture and share information on each package, including the product identifier, serial number, and transaction history. This information helps to identify the specific source and history of each unit, and enables more efficient and effective tracking and recall of potentially dangerous drugs.

LSPedia's Verification Router Service provides a secure, efficient way to manage product data in compliance with DSCSA regulations. By routing and verifying product information in real time, our service helps companies ensure that your supply chain operations are always compliant, efficient, and secure.

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OneScan Suite

Embark on a journey of comprehensive compliance and supply chain excellence with LSPedia's OneScan Suite. From EPCIS Serialization to Business Intelligence, this integrated solution sets the gold standard, ensuring pharmaceutical companies achieve unmatched levels of compliance, traceability, and operational efficiency.


LSPedia's OneScan Suite revolutionizes healthcare supply chains. From EPCIS Serialization to Business Intelligence, our tailored solutions ensure seamless compliance, traceability, and operational efficiency, elevating the healthcare industry's standards.


Transform pharmacy operations with LSPedia's OneScan Suite. Our suite, featuring EPCIS Serialization and Business Intelligence, empowers pharmacies to enhance compliance, traceability, and overall efficiency, shaping the future of pharmaceutical dispensation.


Elevate food industry standards with LSPedia's OneScan Suite. From EPCIS Serialization to Business Intelligence, our solutions redefine compliance, traceability, and efficiency in the food supply chain. Stay ahead in the dynamic and demanding world of food production and distribution.

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