Top 5 Reasons to Add the OneScan Investigator Module to Your Product Verification Solution Suite

January 8, 2020
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In the spirit of topical lists popular around the New Year, we’ve got a “Top 5” of our own—one we think you’ll find persuasive. As you make your way into 2020, you’re probably looking for ways to learn from past experiences and set your business up for success this year. In this edition of “news you can use,” we focus on the OneScan Investigator. It does more than help you meet compliance requirements—it provides business value through comprehensive risk mitigation and an ability to verify product viability in the Rx supply chain.

The OneScan VRS Solution and investigator module adds a great deal of value to your business. Here are the Top 5 reasons you should add the Investigator module to your product verification capabilities.

5. Leverage the power of standards

  • The Investigator module integrates and interoperates with any competitive GS1 standard product-verification solution to generate added value and mitigate regulatory risk.

4. Work smarter

  • The Investigator enables a collaborative single-source-of-truth workspace between all parties involved in a suspect product investigation (inclusive of cargo theft) to ensure full audit trails and accountability for all actions taken in an investigation. Additionally; it is systematically linked to your serialization enterprise for use by all support personnel, from front-line support teams all the way back to quality, regulatory, and product security teams.

3. Reduce waste

  • The Investigator enables an automated workflow towards facilitating a product investigation that eliminates the time and resources needed identify the root cause of a verification failure to facilitate the “rescue” of good products with bad barcode data.

2. Mitigate risk

  • We can’t help but reiterate the sense of comfort you’ll have when faced with a regulatory audit concerning your ability to report against a suspect product investigation from a single-source-of-truth that you can respond comprehensively, confidently, and succinctly about your ability to effectively identify, quarantine, investigate, and report suspect or illegitimate products.


1. Regulatory enforcement:

    Having to wear an orange jumpsuit every day would seriously clash with your otherwise innocent character!

Looking Forward and Staying Diligent

The FDA will continue driving the industry towards a safer, more efficient pharmaceutical supply chain—and LSPediA is ready to partner with manufacturers and wholesale distributors to help your businesses succeed. Take the next step and:

  • Learn all about how LSPediA’s Investigator® solution can provide you with turnkey compliance for section 582 (c)(4)(A), 582 (c)(4)(B), and 582 (c)(4)(C).
  • Contact us to see how we can help you overcome specific challenges in your quest for DSCSA compliance, supply chain improvement, or other organizational goals.

Everyone in the Rx serialization space has a responsibility to work with the FDA to be a champion for protecting those unable to protect themselves—and LSPediA seeks to enable your success.