Sav-Mor partners with LSPedia to kickstart FDA DSCSA compliance for pharmacies across the country with OneScan Pharmacy Pro

August 3, 2023

Achieving comprehensive DSCSA compliance

We've partnered with Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services to help independent pharmacies achieve complete compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) ahead of the FDA’s final enforcement deadline on November 27, 2023.

Sav-Mor, based in Southfield, MI and serving pharmacy businesses in 25 states, provides a customizable system for managing pharmacy solutions, and gives pharmacies an advantage by offering services and products that boost efficiency, enhance business operations, and increase profits.

Now, Sav-Mor is offering pharmacies discounted access to LSPedia’s OneScan Pharmacy Pro, the industry’s leading solution for comprehensive, audit-proof DSCSA compliance.

DSCSA compliance is urgent for all pharmacies

Anthony Codrean, Vice President at Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services, said that pharmacy DSCSA solutions are in urgent demand. “We gear our offerings to what pharmacies need today, and today, they need to get ahead of that enforcement deadline,” he said. “We’re solving the problem of inaction – making sure pharmacies know not just that it needs to get done, but where and how to start. Too many pharmacies have the wrong information on DSCSA or can't absorb it amid the noise and pace of business. We solve this by working with LSPedia, whose solution takes care of DSCSA 100%, and bringing down the cost so any pharmacy can get on board and stop worrying about it.”

LSPedia’s OneScan Pharmacy Pro is the fastest-growing solution in the industry, offering a simple, affordable way to receive, track, manage, verify, and investigate EPCIS data, while automating elements such as expiry management, trading partner licenses, and FDA reporting.

Collaboration is essential for industry-wide compliance

"As the pharmaceutical industry gears up for the final enforcement deadline of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) on November 27, 2023, partnerships like the one between Sav-Mor and LSPedia are crucial in facilitating widespread compliance," remarked LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. "This collaboration underscores our commitment to working hand-in-hand with pharmacies to ensure they are well-prepared to meet the stringent requirements set by the FDA. With OneScan Pharmacy Pro, pharmacies can rest assured that they have a robust and reliable solution in place, empowering them to safeguard the integrity of their supply chain and prioritize patient safety, which is at the core of the FDA's mission."

To participate, pharmacies can visit and enter the code LSPSAVMOR.