Peace of mind on DSCSA deadlines

December 20, 2022

Deadline stress in the holiday season

Since LSPedia’s in the business of handling DSCSA deadlines, we aren’t winding down operations for 2022; we’re winding them up for 2023.

We talk about stress a lot at LSPedia. Much of our worldview is defined by deadlines and interruptions. Our business is founded on helping customers and partners meet their deadlines, and avert or solve problems that, let’s be honest, are stressful even to contemplate. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act is one gigantic deadline (well, a series of them, with the most important one still looming). Our entire team — across solutions, success, sales, marketing, quality, trainers, leaders, experts, down to your humble company content manager — are joined in purpose by the need to beat time pressure and to help our customers do so.

As the holidays approach, we, like so many businesses, are used to a final yearly rush to make sure that when customers disconnect (or as much as they are able, these days) for the last two weeks of the year, and perhaps the first week of the next, they can focus on home, family, well-being; anything but more deadlines and problems. (On a sidenote, yes, it does seem like a contradiction to work in the supply chain industry and even think about relaxing around the holidays.)

Peace of mind

Thankfully, the other side of that time pressure is peace of mind. Nothing we can offer is greater than the certainty that, as the transformation of the pharma supply chain enters its critical final year, trading partners are protected from time-consuming data errors, that they’re fully on track for compliance, and most importantly, that their patients are safe from illegitimate drugs, and can get the medicines they need even more reliably and efficiently next year than the one before. Our peace of mind kicks in when we succeed for our customers on DSCSA.

It also helps to dedicate time to our community and to each other. This year, we sponsored and served dinner for homeless and recovering veterans at Emmanuel House in Detroit, and gathered for a year-end celebration that both honored LSPedia’s milestones for 2022 and welcomed a group of talented new hires who will ensure even greater achievements in the years ahead.

Winding up for 2023

Though we’re heading into the holiday with some contentment and relief, we absolutely can’t say we’re “winding down” for the year, given that we’re still hard at work preparing some of LSPedia’s most ambitious projects. Front and center is the January launch of our Exceptions Management pilot, which will give partners across the industry the tools to get ahead of a wave of new transaction data errors; also in view are key industry conferences, improvements to our technology, a new slate of DSCSA training classes, and even new channels for communication.

So, we’re heading into 2023 with a special blend of peace and excitement, replacing that familiar time pressure with hope and ambition. That — on top of the holidays themselves — is something to celebrate.

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