Need to streamline compliance? Don't get overwhelmed — get DSCSA solutions with your ERP system.

May 11, 2023

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Streamline your 2023 workload by launching DSCSA and ERP solutions together

Given the limited remaining time before the DSCSA enforcement deadline of November 27, 2023 and the transformational nature of the new law, companies across the pharmaceutical supply chain have a number of issues and pitfalls to avoid: problems in coordination with partners, delays to establishing interoperable connections, misunderstandings of the core requirements, failing to prepare systems to process EPCIS files, growing numbers of exceptions, and more. Misinformation also poses a threat, as some providers lack complete solutions and either overstate their solutions' performance or understate the risks of noncompliance.

So, we're excited to announce a new campaign with our partner VAI, aimed at making it easier for more businesses to move ahead with DSCSA compliance efforts.

With this full integration, companies can use LSPedia's OneScan Suite to easily bring their operations in line with DSCSA requirements, while using VAI’s S2K Pharma ERP solution to meet business challenges, automate processes, and collect data.

Give your team every possible advantage

Wholesale distributors need easy, accessible, and comprehensive tools to serialize their inventory and prevent major setbacks this year. So, LSPedia and VAI want to give them every possible advantage in planning, launching, and monitoring their compliance implementation.

To quickly get up to speed and avoid the risks of penalties and disruptions, VAI customers using S2K Pharma can integrate LSPedia’s built-in serialization and verification router service and solutions to track and trace their products, along with tools to automate EPCIS exceptions management, send FDA reports, and more.

“Distributors are looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to meet the requirements of DSCSA and optimize their supply chain for the future,” said Gina Parry, Distribution & Pharmaceutical Sales Manager at VAI. “By working with LSPedia to implement drug verification and VAI to further unlock analytics and supply chain management tools with S2K Pharma, pharmaceutical companies can rest easy knowing that they can remain compliant while also enabling growth and meeting business goals.”

End 2023 strong rather than playing catch-up

Launching a single solution for compliance — and combining it with ERP — enables companies to free up resources and avoid hiring additional FTEs to manage DSCSA tasks and exceptions, while further optimizing their warehouse and compliance operations.

This approach maximizes the time your team can spend on their core job tasks, ensuring that you enter the last quarter of 2023 focused on ending the year strong, rather than racing to catch up.

“Companies are now running out of time to implement DSCSA, and that brings a lot of risks,” said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. “However, the combination of LSPedia and VAI enables any business to easily meet its requirements well in advance of November. Further, the combination presents a fantastic opportunity to optimize supply chain operations with compliance baked in, pushing business objectives forward.”

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VAI and LSPedia Join Forces to Eliminate DSCSA Bottlenecks

Tuesday May 23, 2023, 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT

Time is nearly up for the pharmaceutical supply chain to comply with DSCSA -- but the approaching deadline doesn't have to mean bottlenecks. Combining your enterprise system and compliance solution can help your business get up to speed on the FDA's new requirements quickly and manage them effectively in the long term, all without pulling your users away from their jobs. VAI S2K Pharma ERP coupled with LSPedia OneScan – it just works! Join us to learn more about VAI S2K Pharma and LSPedia’s OneScan, the best one-two combo for your distribution company.