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LSPedia’s DSCSA training program gains momentum for 2023

December 13, 2022

LSPedia is preparing a new slate of classes in its interactive DSCSA training program for 2023, after hosting its largest-ever cohort in December 2022.

Who are your company’s DSCSA experts?

Creating DSCSA subject experts

With less than a year remaining before DSCSA goes into full enforcement, every business in the prescription drug supply chain should be carrying out a plan to comply – which means building a robust understanding of what its requirements are. However, too many organizations simply don’t know where to start. DSCSA is transformational for the industry, and understanding how its measures affect each type of trading partner can be a complex task.

Back in August, we launched our ambitious DSCSA training program, with the vision of giving trading partners and industry organizations the practical knowledge, methods, and strategies to implement DSCSA compliance. At LSPedia, our mission isn’t just to provide the industry’s top DSCSA solutions, but to educate the industry, balancing our technology resources with human expertise.

Building DSCSA expertise with interactive training

We designed the program as an interactive course that goes beyond background information, using hands-on technology demonstrations, group discussions, and easy-to-follow tutorials to ensure that colleagues who attend can become their own organizations’ subject experts. Instructors include CEO Riya Cao, DSCSA Expert Jami Vincent, VP of Operations Patrick O’Donohue, and leaders from our team of solutions engineers.

The classes are split into three sessions, hosted across two days:

  • 101 | DSCSA Explained, which delves into DSCSA’s requirements across different business types as Authorized Trading Partners, as well as critical elements such as T3 data, EPCIS files, and verification.
  • 201 | Exceptions Management, which focuses on the critical aspect of recognizing, investigating, resolving, and preventing data errors that can halt physical product under DSCSA. The session also includes a group activity that shows how to navigate an illegitimate product investigation across multiple trading partners and regulators.
  • 301 | OneScan for DSCSA Implementation, a series of guided activities showing how DSCSA operations are carried out with OneScan technology, including setting up accounts, handling product transactions, troubleshooting errors, and reporting suspect situations, followed by a complete visualization of a OneScan-ERP system integration.

Feedback from recent attendees

  • “I wouldn’t change anything. It was a very good workshop and the information was very well presented.”
  • “I liked that LSPedia brought in experts for each subject.”
  • “I appreciated the level of knowledge each presenter had.”
  • “Loved the class itinerary.”  

Looking ahead

We closed our December 2022 session with a sold-out class, even after doubling the maximum group size. So, we’re looking to make an even bigger impact in 2023, with more dates and venues. Thank you to everyone who made this project a success – our trainers and experts, the organizations who trusted us to work with their staff, and everyone who logged in online or joined us here at our Michigan office!

We’ll soon be updating our Upcoming Events page with details on our 2023 class schedule. In the meantime, write to for more information.

In the meantime, make sure to ask: Who are your company’s DSCSA experts?