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LSPediA Announces Product/No Data Pilot at Customer Advisory Board Meeting

May 3, 2022


LSPediA held its April 2022 Customer Advisory Board meeting on April 26 to great success. It was well-attended, and attendees received up to date information about product releases, VRS/EPCIS benchmarks, and the important industry pilot initiative.  

Providing Care To Our Customers

LSPediA aims to keep in constant touch with business partners through frequent customer engagement. “The customer Care Meeting is part of the services we provide, and it’s free,” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA. “Our team of subject matter experts visit customers on-site, tour the facility, gain first hand understanding of customers’ challenges and pressing issues.” From there, options are discussed and solutions are evaluated to collaboratively resolve issues and move business forward.  

33 percent of attendees requested an LSPediA team to visit them for a Customer Care Meeting in the third quarter of 2022. 29 percent wanted a meeting sooner in the second quarter of 2022, 21 percent already had it scheduled, and 17% are interested in hosting the LSPediA team the fourth quarter of 2022.  

DSCSA 2023 Readiness

Two additional polls gauging DSCSA 2023 Readiness were taken during the meeting. The first poll surveyed the State of Receiving Inbound EPCIS data files. A strong majority (52%) indicated they would go live in the second half of 2022. All respondents planned to go live before the end of 2023 and 13% said they were already live.  

The second poll inquired the State of Sending Outbound EPCIS Data files. The highest response (48%) said they would do so in 2023 while 10% said they were already live.  

Product/No Data Pilot

The meeting spotlighted on LSPediA’s Product/No Data pilot initiative. The pilot will run real-world “Product No Data” scenarios.

“Pilot participants will collaborate to define the scenarios and design ways to resolve them,” said Cao. “We plan to test both synchronous approach to product information request and response and asynchronous approach. The pilot will collect valuable data to help us qualify the most effective solution to enable a smooth serialized supply chain post 2023.”

Come 2023, the FDA’s Enhanced Security Requirement will prohibit the distribution of prescription drug products without production information data exchange (EPCIS). Moreover, EPCIS data must exist for next logistic events to facilitate the outbound data exchange. The pilot will simulate the Product No Data scenarios in the supply chain. The participants will evaluate both synchronous and asynchronous ways to perform “PI Data Request & response” to support the logistic events in the supply chain when the EPCIS data is missing.  

DSCSA and ERP Duo Implementation

VAI Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Gina Perry was the guest speaker for the event who spoke about the synergy of having both VAI as the ERP and LSPediA as the DSCSA solution provider. Perry discussed the benefits of having the integrated ERP and DSCSA as opposed to having a disparate system, noting that anyone can get by with a disparate system but would benefits from packaging VAI and LSPediA together included automation, labor savings, and cost savings.

“The relationship between VAI and LSPedia is already established and it’s a tried and tested relationship,” said Perry. “Our systems know each other and are great friends. You’re not learning extra systems and having to find additional partners. You’re not going to be adding extra processes to your employees’ workbook.”

Path Forward to 2023

Helping customers to succeed is LSPediA’s core value and guiding principle. Benefit from our free services and industry initiatives today by click the following links.  

  1. Request a Customer Care Meeting
  1. Learn more about the Product No Data Pilot

As pharmaceutical companies sprint to the 2023 DSCSA requirement by the FDA, take actions today to mitigate compliance risks and supply chain exceptions.