LSPedia and Workd's SupplyMover partner to accelerate compliance and growth for pharma distributors

January 3, 2023

In a new integration, LSPedia and Workd’s SupplyMover (formerly MedMover) are offering pharmaceutical distributors a powerful combination of complete DSCSA compliance solutions and AI-driven sales enablement.

At LSPedia, we believe compliance and improved business operations aren’t opposing ideas; they can — and should — be achieved together. We’re always on the lookout for partners who can complement our solutions for turnkey DSCSA compliance and supply chain efficiency with tools that improve workflows, enhance operations, and help sales teams beat their revenue goals.

With that in mind, we’re forming a partnership with SupplyMover, powered by Workd, in an integration that promises revenue and efficiency gains across sales, supply chain, compliance, integrated e-commerce, and other operations, while guaranteeing turnkey DSCSA compliance ahead of the FDA’s final deadline in November 2023.

LSPedia’s OneScan Suite, including its industry-leading Investigator solution for exceptions management, gives trading partners across the pharma supply chain a powerful yet user-friendly way to update their operations for DSCSA, while ensuring that the process saves time and cost rather than adding layers of management or labor. Adapting to the needs of each client is paramount, with the ability to scale to any client’s operational complexity and compliance level. Further, LSPedia offers the ability to maximize and future-proof its work with each client via customized compliance planning, service desk functionality, and training resources led or authored by FDA compliance experts.

SupplyMover represents an exciting partnership opportunity as a solution suite for CRM, e-commerce, and sales enablement built specifically for pharmaceutical distributors. Just as LSPedia works to make compliance a cost-effective, streamlined, and productive supply chain function, SupplyMover maximizes revenue from existing CRM data, using AI and other technologies to help sales teams identify missed opportunities and stay up-to-date on all client details.

Seamless integration and perfect information for pharma distributors

Our complete platform integration makes things easy for our customers, since, like LSPedia, SupplyMover can work seamlessly with a broad variety of ERP systems. This reduces the complexity of every implementation and allows companies to keep the existing tools they already like and rely on.

SupplyMover won’t compromise the value of real-time information by adding additional difficulty or inefficiency, according to Ryan Carroll, Director of Business Development at Workd. “Everything we do here is based on finding a perfect information flow, which is why we concentrated on developing automation and AI to replace so many manual aspects of sales. We’ve always had a great relationship with LSPedia, since they do things the same way: no feature is good enough if it’s not easy to use and if it doesn’t weave into your everyday workflow.”

Power and affordability

Under the new partnership, customers can receive a service discount by working with both SupplyMover and LSPedia, increasing the availability of tools that are vital for operating efficiently and effectively in the industry’s new landscape.

“There are sweeping changes to the supply chain underway, and they’re having an enormous effect on pharma distributors’ sales teams,” said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. “Even the most talented personnel can lose opportunities when they have to juggle new regulatory details along with the individualized service every customer needs; there are customer details, product details, system details, and more, and they all need to stay in view at once. SupplyMover is an ideal partnership — everything we do to make DSCSA easier for our customers is enhanced when their sales teams have that information streamlined, and can see every lead and every opportunity with complete clarity.”

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