LSPedia and MatchRX help pharmacies easily make the jump to full FDA DSCSA compliance with OneScan Pharmacy Pro

June 29, 2023
"Pharmacies shouldn't have to choose between profits and compliance." - LSPedia CEO Riya Cao

Today, we're announcing an exciting partnership with MatchRX to make OneScan Pharmacy Pro available at a discount to its members.

Since 2010, MatchRX's flexible, innovative online marketplace for overstock drugs has connected pharmacies across the U.S., helping them enhance patient care, improve profits, and increase efficiency. Now, MatchRX is working with us to make it easier than ever for pharmacies to comply with DSCSA long before it goes into FDA enforcement on November 27, 2023.

DSCSA compliance is a critical concern for pharmacies

Johny Kello, CEO and co-founder of MatchRX, said that DSCSA compliance is a critical concern among pharmacies. "With so little time left, and so much at stake for the November deadline, we made it our mission to ask, how do we protect MatchRX members? LSPedia was the answer, and thanks to this collaboration, it's the most complete and affordable one."

Pharmacy Pro is already the preferred turnkey DSCSA compliance solution for many regional and national group purchasing associations. We're focused on getting it into the hands of independent pharmacies, while ensuring they have the resources and education to easily and quickly make the jump to full compliance.

Finding the rewards of complete DSCSA compliance

The solution receives, tracks, manages, verifies, and investigates EPCIS data, and automates expiry management, partner licenses, data retention, FDA reporting, and more. With numerous modules built to seamlessly connect and upgrade pharmacy processes for DSCSA requirements, LSPedia OneScan supports efficient, accurate operations, while protecting pharmacies from slowdowns, disruptions, and audits.

"Pharmacies shouldn't have to choose between profits and compliance," said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. "MatchRX thinks like we do – that compliance should be rewarding. So, we bring the absolute best solution in the industry, and MatchRX brings flexibility and ease to the process."

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