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LSPediA Adds Axway as OEM Partner for Verification Router Service

October 8, 2019

LSPediA Inc., a leading software and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced an OEM agreement with Axway, licensing the Lookup Directory component of  LSPediA’s Verification Router Service (VRS) technology, OneScan™, to Axway.

Axway’s VRS Solution is enhanced by integrating LSPediA’s Lookup Directory from LSPediA OneScan™, broadening the interoperability of both systems to perform product verification in real time with sub-second response for pharmaceutical products anywhere in the world. Working with licensees such as Axway is a strategic effort by LSPediA to share and extend innovative technologies to the broader market  as a collaborative effort with the industry stakeholders and the FDA.

Axway is a true player in the serialization space that has always prided themselves on an ability to not only keep their clients DSCSA compliant, but also to enable the value realization that exists with serialization and unique product identification. The partnership between LSPediA and Axway delivers a combined vision of commitment as well as technological savvy that will benefit not only both companies towards being leaders in the serialization space, but the enablement of our clients to work smarter, eliminate waste, and generate profitability.

“The ability to verify and authenticate drugs at key supply chain points has great potential to reduce drug diversion and keep counterfeit drugs out of the supply chain. Our partnership with Axway demonstrates the collaboration between two tech leaders and our commitment in providing value to enhance customers’ compliance capability and more importantly the industry’s interoperability,” said Riya Cao, LSPediA CEO.

“The OneScan™ VRS has pure differentiating value. Rather than providing you with a simple yes/no answer, LSPediA’s OneScan™ will tell you exactly why a verification scan fails, whether it is a bad barcode, 00 dating in the expiry, product recalls, or potentially suspect or illegitimate product,” said Michael Ventura, LSPediA VP Solutions and Innovation.

“At Axway, we are committed to providing the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs today and well into the future,” stated Ruby Raley, VP of Sales, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Axway. “We are thrilled to partner with LSPediA, who also shares this common goal with us. We are confident that this partnership will further strengthen and expand our ability to help our clients meet DSCSA standards and ultimately strengthen supply chain security and increase patient safety. We look forward to utilizing LSPediA’s expertise in the field of serialization during our continued partnership.”