Look for these four features to make your pharmacy work smarter under DSCSA

September 29, 2023

In less than two months, every pharmaceutical trading partner in the U.S. will need to have systems in place to comply with DSCSA. During the one-year stabilization period starting November 27, 2023, companies will need to perfect their processes and collaborate with their partners to ensure that they can carry out steady, successful, interoperable data exchanges. This is the basic expectation the FDA set in place to ensure that everyone can meet the design of the law — where everyone needs to be simply to comply with serialization and traceability requirements.

It's undoubtedly a benefit to your business, your partners, and your customers to keep counterfeit drugs out the supply chain and create complete traceability. But why stop there? That new reality, the standard for everyone, is creating opportunities to improve the efficiency of your supply chain and inventory operations. Rose Campasano, our VP of Services, said in a recent panel that right now, businesses ought to be pressing their DSCSA solution providers to prove that they're delivering value amid the broad industry transformation.

Look for these four features to make certain that your pharmacy takes full advantage of its DSCSA upgrade to deliver meaningful (and cost-effective) improvements:

Expiration Management

A great deal of repetitive manual work can go into monitoring product expiration dates, yet with DSCSA data and improved data management, this task can be streamlined. LSPedia's OneScan Pharmacy Pro enables pharmacy users to generate a full report of expiring products, saving time on the task of reviewing inventory expiration dates piece by piece. This isn't just a DSCSA function, but a standard business practice that protects patients; we're able to add this functionality due to the information we record and display to accurately process EPCIS information for your business.

Recall Management

Since LSPedia is integrated with the FDA's database and those of manufacturers, OneScan ensures that users receive notifications should any of the product they carry be recalled. This can give your staff more time to react, increasing the window of time to quarantine affected medications  before they can reach a patient. Not only does this improve safety for an entire community, it cuts response times and minimizes manual work.

Trading Partner Management

DSCSA requires companies in the pharmaceutical industry to only do business with Authorized Trading Partners. To meet this requirement while removing manual searching and data entry, our ATP database lists more than 34,000 trading partners, giving you immediate access to license information. It's also connected with the FDA and NABP Pulse, enabling it to automatically pull information as needed.

Exceptions Management

Last but certainly not least, having top-flight exceptions management is so much more than a simple safety net. Given the persistently high rate of errors in EPCIS data, how complex these errors can be, and the fact that unresolved exceptions can literally halt your product movement, getting the best solution for exceptions is one of the most important DSCSA investments you can make. LSPedia's Investigator is the industry's gold standard here, capable of automated error detection and alerting as well as guided resolution, giving your team the best tools available for finding and preventing transaction problems before they can cost you time, money, product, and stress.

Save time and money when your pharmacy upgrades for DSCSA

OneScan Pharmacy Pro is designed not just to ensure that each pharmacy protects its patients and complies with the law, but improves efficiency over current operations, leading to cost savings and better customer outcomes. Don't just look for options that check the DSCSA boxes — look for opportunities to make your pharmacy work smarter. Learn more about OneScan Pharmacy Pro.