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Get serious about DSCSA: OneScan 6.2 is your best bet for easy serialization and compliance

March 20, 2023

We're proud to announce the launch of OneScan 6.2, the latest version of our suite of scalable cloud solutions. With this release, we're setting a new standard for supply chain serialization, exceptions management, and complete DSCSA compliance.

Breakthrough features for DSCSA compliance

LSPedia’s OneScan 6.2 boasts major breakthroughs that further cement LSPedia's position as an industry leader:

  • Investigator APIs: OneScan now has the ability to consolidate all supply chain errors and exceptions beyond VRS and EPCIS, making it seamless for external systems such as ERPs and other EPCIS systems to integrate with Investigator and leverage its contact library for trading partner communication and resolution. With this feature, error conditions in SAP and SAP ATTP are now fully integrated with Investigator via the Investigator APIs for customers.
  • Enhanced Cyber Security: In line with LSPedia's commitment to safeguarding its customers against ever-evolving cyber threats, OneScan 6.2 comes with cyber security features that address issues such as brute force login and verification requests, as well as enhanced audit trails for any user or system activities.
  • OneScan Pharmacy Pro: This pharmacy DSCSA solution enables dispensers to receive EPCIS files, process serialized data, verify product authenticity, manage expirations and recalls, verify Authorized Trading Partners, manage exceptions, retain data for six years as required by DSCSA, and more.
  • OneScan Healthcare Pro: This healthcare DSCSA solution enables turnkey DSCSA compliance for hospitals, ensuring secure trading partner connections, validated EPCIS exchanges, and aggregated HQ and location reporting. Hospitals can trust OneScan to manage expirations and recalls, verify product authenticity, track shipments at the package level, and manage exceptions. These capabilities allow hospitals to operate with greater efficiency, accuracy, and confidence, reducing the risk of errors, delays, and regulatory penalties.

Make the final year of DSCSA easy

With the final enforcement deadline for DSCSA regulations set for November 27, 2023, all pharmaceutical trading partners must be able to send and receive EPCIS files for every product transaction, track shipments at the individual package level, and use interoperable connections that enable full traceability from manufacturing to dispensing.

"We are proud to introduce this latest version of our supply chain software, which represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge technology solutions for pharmaceutical trading partners, said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. "Our focus remains on delivering accessible and affordable software solutions while providing unparalleled expertise and support to our valued customers. With OneScan 6.2, we are confident that we have set a new standard for the pharmaceutical industry, and we look forward to continuing to lead the way in this field."

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