Genetco and LSPedia give pharmacies an easy option for fast, affordable, and comprehensive FDA DSCSA compliance

August 25, 2023

Moving the pharmaceutical industry forward on DSCSA compliance

LSPedia, a leading SaaS provider specializing in product traceability solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, has partnered with generic drug distributor Genetco to help independent pharmacies achieve complete compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) ahead of the FDA’s final enforcement deadline.


Genetco is one of the largest privately owned generic pharmaceutical distributors in the U.S., serving pharmacies, hospitals, and other dispensers. It has included LSPedia among its trusted partners for years, having implemented LSPedia’s solutions across its own supply chain operations, and is now offering dispensers of any size a special discount for adopting LSPedia’s OneScan Pharmacy Pro solution for DSCSA compliance.

Helping pharmacies comply

Genetco’s Bill Carney, Vice President of Operations, explained the importance of helping independent pharmacies meet their requirements under DSCSA. “The entire supply chain is changing, from transaction data to logistics to record-keeping. The way we all benefit from these changes is to work through them together, and LSPedia makes that very, very easy. And pharmacies that don’t take advantage of this kind of opportunity will have a hard time after November.”

LSPedia’s OneScan Pharmacy Pro is the fastest-growing solution in the industry, offering a simple, affordable way to receive, track, manage, verify, and investigate EPCIS data, while automating elements such as expiry management, trading partner licenses, and FDA reporting.

Safeguarding the pharmaceutical supply chain

"As we approach the final deadline for DSCSA compliance, the pharmaceutical industry must remain vigilant in its efforts to combat drug diversion and protect the integrity of the supply chain," said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao. "Our partnership with Genetco and the introduction of OneScan Pharmacy Pro reaffirm our commitment to working alongside pharmacies to adhere to the stringent standards set by the FDA. With OneScan Pharmacy Pro's advanced traceability and verification capabilities, pharmacies can play a pivotal role in safeguarding the pharmaceutical supply chain and upholding public health and safety."

To participate, pharmacies can visit and enter the code LSPGENETCO.