Free up capacity without risking noncompliance by outsourcing DSCSA

September 14, 2023

Protect team capacity without sacrificing compliance

It's now clear that many businesses across the pharma supply chain, of all types and at all levels, aren't going to have DSCSA compliance systems and procedures in place before the start of the stabilization period announced by the FDA. As the administration stated, as of November 27, 2023, it expects trading partners to have implemented systems to achieve compliance with the new law, and move into stabilizing them -- testing, fixing, training, and perfecting processes -- in the following year. This is the essential work of ensuring that companies can track and trace products through the pharmaceutical supply chain by exchanging transaction information, history, and statement data, a process encompassing multiple complex and time-consuming tasks.

However, for any number of reasons, numerous companies have not yet completed DSCSA compliance requirements such as sending EPCIS data to their downstream customers; many haven't even begun onboarding with their trading partners. Some have little understanding of DSCSA, and yet others have fallen victim to misinformation and are only becoming aware now that they have any requirements. And then, there are those who would take steps to comply, but lack the bandwidth to do so.

Whatever the reason, trading partners can't afford to wait any longer. That's why LSPedia introduced Proactive Resource Group, a company capable of handling up to 100% of a company's DSCSA compliance tasks via fractional and outsourced services.

Trust the DSCSA experts

Proactive Resource Group's team of experts has extensive experience in DSCSA compliance, including EPCIS data exchange, trading partner onboarding, and exceptions management, enabling it to guarantee that any customer can meet the enforcement deadline fully confident in their compliance status.

By outsourcing these tasks to Proactive Resource Group, pharma trading partners can streamline EPCIS onboarding, reduce errors, and ensure ongoing compliance with DSCSA into the future. The team's deep industry expertise and knowledge base enables individualized service, ensuring that your priorities and business needs are met.

Proactive Resource Group's services include exceptions management, LSPedia Investigator processes, DSCSA training, project management, and more. Its dedicated team carries out communications and testing with trading partners, and provides support in identifying, investigating, and resolving any exceptions that occur in supply chain operations.

Additionally, it continuously monitors a customer's supply chain processes to align them with internal quality system requirements, including record-keeping, reporting, policies, and SOPs.

Outsourcing to the experts at Proactive Resource Group gives pharmaceutical companies direct access to a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the complexities of DSCSA, helping customers meet the FDA's enforcement deadline while averting costly fines and reputational damage. Further, Proactive's services let pharmaceutical trading partners bypass the time, expense, and hassle of hiring full-time employees to manage DSCSA compliance.

Keep focus on your business

Further, outsourcing DSCSA compliance to Proactive Resource Group can allow your personnel to focus on core competencies such as product development, marketing, and sales; in short, what they were hired to do.

This increases overall efficiency and productivity, leading to improved business outcomes. As Jay Madden, Director of National Accounts, ACI Healthcare, stated, "I don't have time to check EPCIS for errors. Proactive Resource's DSCSA services took a lot of burden away from us, which gives me more time to generate revenue."

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