ERP or LSPediA: Do Both with Integration

May 17, 2021

Manufacturers and distributors from various industries have trusted Israel Lopez Consulting (ILC) for ERP implementation. ILC is located in Irvine, Calif. Its Managing Director Israel Lopez has 15+ years of experience implementing ERP for pharmaceutical, medical devices, oil and gas, and food clients for efficiency and automation.

Israel is familiar with the challenges that an unfit DSCSA solution can bring to his clients. He has seen the frustration it caused Robert Abaeve, CEO at CityMedRx. For number of years, CityMedRx used an unfit DSCSA system that was plagued with poor software quality and had dismal customer support. Already juggling multiple responsibilities as CEO, Robert had to work additional hours to make up for what the software did not provide, namely daily inbound trace and track reports, duplicate data entries to multiple standalone systems, and more paperwork for every outbound shipment.

In 2020, Robert approached Israel and asked, “How about LSPediA [for DSCSA solution]?”. That set the wheels in motion. Today, ILC recommends LSPediA to all their customers. “They will be happy with LSPediA,” Israel said. Recently, Israel shared his LSPediA implementation experience with LSPediA’s CEO, Riya Cao. You can watch Israel’s story here.

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The Decision

Selecting a new DSCSA solution provider can be overwhelming. Virtually all providers claim they offer the same level of quality products and customer support as any other option. Israel knew from experience this was not accurate, so he was interested to find out the truth.

Many of the businesses Israel works with are small to mid-sized companies that implemented technologies in the “desktop age” over 20 years ago.  To succeed in the era of web applications and cloud computing, ILC’s clients know the importance of transforming technology to enable business capabilities for online inventory, e-commerce integrations, and online portals.

“Integration brings automation and saves a lot of time,” Israel says. “We weren’t getting any of that with the previous provider.” ILC’s clients are not just looking for a product. They need a successful project for implementation. Any good project needs great people who execute it. The ideal solution provider would deliver good communication, ongoing follow-up, and accountability throughout the implementation process. To that end, LSPediA checks every box for CityMedRx and ILC.

The Solution

Throughout implementation both Israel at ILC and Robert at CityMedRx could tell that LSPediA’s professionals had a significant amount of experience, and that comfort and confidence translated into helpfulness and efficiency in their roles. “If a product is designed well, you usually see that the project goes well,” Israel says.

In addition, CityMedRx finds that LSPediA’s solution is both easy to use and integrate. Coupled with excellent services, issues were resolved quickly, and Israel and Robert knew that there was someone “on the other end that truly cared.”


CityMedRx’s biggest need was automation, because at that time DSCSA information was still being entered manually. “In this (pharmaceutical) industry, you make one mistake, and it can cost you your license,” Israel said. Robert from CityMedRx had battled a lot of stress and had to spend time away from his family to ensure that data was manually entered correctly.

With LSPediA, DSCSA data is received electronically and pushed to the ERP system automatically. Both Israel and his client were pleasantly surprised at how effective and efficient automation truly is. CityMedRx sees immediate benefits by using LSPediA solutions:

  • Accurate data that supports seamless warehouse distribution best practices
  • Data integrity across LSPediA and ERP
  • Effortless access to mission critical data any time any place
  • A significant time savings that allows Robert and his team to concentrate on other tasks

When asked about ILC’s other clients who have similar technology needs, Israel says “Just call LSPediA. Don’t call anyone else. I know that my clients will be happy with LSPediA.”

Make the Switch to LSPediA

LSPediA can provide the same level of confidence for manufacturers, distributors, and consultants as it has for Israel Lopez Consulting, and his growing list of clients. Automation, quality, and customer service are critical to ensuring operational efficiency and DSCSA compliance. Companies with a poor DSCSA solution should not suffer in silence or settle out of the fear of change.

If you are looking for a software solution provider to help your supply chain performance stay on time and on budget, contact LSPediA for your free DSCSA audit report. LSPediA can guarantee the expertise needed to ensure the job gets done correctly both at implementation, and in the years ahead. We will be the first step in streamlining your processes, automating your operations, and supporting your compliance success.