Software, classes, or both? Here's why LSPedia doesn't stop at DSCSA solutions — and neither should you.

April 20, 2023

A question we've received often this year is why LSPedia places such a heavy focus on education, particularly when we provide easy, convenient DSCSA solutions via OneScan, Investigator, and our other technologies.

And why would we expand them? Why offer DSCSA Explained 101/201 and OneScan & Exceptions 301/401, plus dispenser-intensive DSCSA classes and a free dispenser webinar series? If you're already making the vital decision to work with the best, most complete DSCSA provider in the industry, why make the time for additional classes?

Get The Most Out of OneScan

Though there are common DSCSA requirements for each type of pharmaceutical trading partner, every business is going to have several unique factors that will influence your DSCSA implementation. These may have to do with supply chain procedures that you have in use, how your trading partners operate, current compliance standing, or even your team's mix of responsibilities.

Since your business is unique, your challenges, processes, personnel, and history should all be taken into account. When you combine deep organizational experience with robust tools like OneScan, you guarantee that your DSCSA implementation won't just get you past November 2023, but will be optimized to set you up for long-term success.

We Want You To Succeed

In fact, we want everyone to succeed. The pharma supply chain is about cooperation, and DSCSA certainly isn't a solo project. That's why we work with numerous companies to ensure that their trading partners are ready for November 2023 with a path to EPCIS onboarding, exceptions management tools, and more.

It's important to us to make sure our experts remain part of the conversation with our customers, and frequently share their cumulative decades of FDA compliance experience with you. We don't just want you to feel better when the enforcement deadline rolls around -- we want compliance to be baked into your systems and practices.

You Can Prepare to Navigate New Situations

If you've been following our Exceptions Pilot, you know that EPCIS issues are far from a closed book. With the explosion of EPCIS files this year as the pharma supply chain adopts item-level traceability, any number of new transaction scenarios are emerging. No matter what steps you take this year, you'll face some new situations.

The best thing, then, is to ensure that, beyond the tools to handle these issues, you'll have a framework to understand them and plan for future instances. More awareness and education benefits everyone, including your staff and trading partners -- and, very likely, your bottom line.

You May Need More Info to Get Started

Some of these resources are for those who still need to put DSCSA solutions in place, but might not know where to start, or don't have a full understanding of their requirements. We wanted it to be possible for people in the pharmaceutical industry to come in with no information but leave with a plan, or for business owners to have a clear way to help out trading partners when they're struggling with the new law.

We added a free webinar on top of the easily accessible 101/201 classes to make DSCSA education available at every level, whether you have no compliance experience at all, or are looking to fine-tune your exceptions management capabilities. Everyone needs a place to start.

Getting DSCSA Right Matters

In the big picture, LSPedia exists to help protect patients. Our mission is to make sure every company in the prescription drug supply chain can easily follow the FDA's serialization and traceability rules, which are in place to protect patients from counterfeit, illegitimate, misdirected, recalled, or otherwise dangerous products, without impacting the availability of safe medications.

The stakes are high. Noncompliance can lead to regulatory penalties and disruptions; even if your inventory is fine, your supply chain operations can grind to a halt if you can't get the data right. With that in mind, we've committed this year to preparing the pharma supply chain in every way we can.

Whether you're working with LSPedia already or just taking stock of your compliance status, we're ready to help.

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