Be ready to lead on DSCSA stabilization

October 31, 2023

Prepare for 2024 with an in-house DSCSA expert

On November 27, 2023, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act will enter its one-year stabilization period, completing the FDA’s 10-year transformation of the pharmaceutical supply chain. By that time, you should have systems in place to comply with DSCSA, and be ready to collaborate with your trading partners to polish and test your data exchange.

For many companies, taking a reactive stance seems natural: tell us what to do and we'll do it. And, frankly, if you choose a strong DSCSA solution, that will be enough. However, there's much more benefit to be gained by approaching proactively, as each company’s operations, history, and compliance journey are unique. Understanding the DSCSA measures broadly isn’t the same as being able to navigate your organization through it on a strategic and operational level.

Build Hands-On DSCSA Expertise

LSPedia's training methodology combines DSCSA background with interactive tools to ensure that attendees come away with firsthand knowledge of EPCIS, VRS, product tracing, exceptions management, 3911 FDA reporting, interoperability, master data, and more.

The sessions also involve insight into structuring an organization’s DSCSA implementation, integrating DSCSA solutions with business systems, and how the process fits into all trading partner operations.

Finally, they'll address the post-November 27 state of the industry, including the latest FDA guidance, experts' perspectives on "the new normal" of stabilization, and how to get the most value from your DCSA solution.

Next classes:

Wednesday, December 6
101 & 201 | DSCSA Explained and Advanced Requirements

Thursday, December 7
301 | Implementation, APIs, VRS, and Exceptions Management