Which Companies Use LSPediA?

June 20, 2021

LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers use LSPediA’s solutions to move, track, and verify their serialized products. Furthermore, LSPediA resolves DSCSA data issues and verification issues up and down the supply chain for trading partners both large and small in the pharmaceutical industry.  

What software does LSPediA offer?  

LSPediA’s premiere software suite is OneScan. OneScan is subdivided in various modules that serve different functions in the compliance process. With OneScan, customers can realize cost-efficient savings by purchasing only the modules they use. Each module has complete stand-along operability, but when fully integrated with each other they surpass the maximum functionality each would have on its own. Modules such as EDI Track, EPCIS, Warehouse, Edge, VRS, Connector, Investigator, and ATP are fully integrated yet also can run stand-alone while integrating to other L3, L4, and WMS solutions using standard low-code APIs.  

LSPediA’s software is both device- and ERP-agnostic. Our customers access our software on PC, iOS devices, Android devices, smart scanners, and smartphones everywhere around the world. Each day, millions of data points in ASN and EPCIS formats are exchanged automatically and seamlessly between OneScan and trading partners. Additionally, millions of products are scanned with OneScan for receiving, picking, shipping, and verification.  

If any of these operations or transactions causes an issue, then LSPediA’s Investigator solution automatically kicks in, sending alerts to corresponding trading partners or other points-of-contact. With this process, operators can self-diagnose problems and react in real-time, preventing the costs of time-delay and inefficiency that existed before the advent of OneScan.

Who uses LSPediA’s Software?

From the largest distributors to the smallest consultants, LSPediA software is used by all sectors of the pharma industry. Two of the Big Three wholesale distributors and six of the top 10 Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, as well as startup virtual manufacturers and family-owned regional distributors and pharmacies are LSPediA customers.

DSCSA is a complex compliance requirement that introduces new responsibility, new data, and new process. Merely throwing money and people at DSCSA does not resolve the issue. DSSCA is best supported by new technology like OneScan that can automate data exchange, send alerts, and resolve supply chain issues.

Top Industries Served

Customers by industry

Manufacturers and wholesale distributors compose the largest section of our customers at 51 percent and 34 percent respectively. Others such has dispensers, 3PLs, and solution providers comprise the remaining 15 percent.

Customers by size

Customers by size

A third of our customers are large companies with over 250 employees. Another 45 percent are mid-sized companies with over 50 employees and less than 250 employees. Finally, small companies with less than 50 employees comprise about 21 percent of our client base. Regardless of size, every one of our customers receives service and support of only the highest quality. Whenever you call, an LSPediA support professional will be on the other end of line to meet your needs.

Customers by geographic location

LSPediA Customers by Geographic Location

LSPediA serves customers in all US time zones, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We offer 24/7 support via our support portal and email. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers have their questions answered and issues promptly resolved.  

Top Reasons Why Companies Use LSPediA

LSPediA has seen massive growth in recent years, motivated by word of mouth; our satisfied customers recommend us to others. There are a lot of reasons why companies would purchase our software. Our customers want to ensure DSCSA compliance, meet serialization best practices, increase customers and sales, cut costs, and offer high-quality services to patients in a cost-effective manner. With LSPediA, our customers can surpass these goals.

LSPediA’s software provides proven functionality and workflow that enables turnkey compliance, operational efficiency, and end-to-end supply chain exceptions management. With our software, customers can work smarter, reduce waste, and realize greater profits.

Take Action Today

With the DSCSA’s enhanced system requirement looming ever-closer for a 2023 deadline, all supply chain partners need the ability to exchange EPCIS data with each other. Similar to the ASN exchange requirement introduced in 2015, all partners must onboard their suppliers and customers. In addition to the natural challenges of implementing this new EPCIS process, the data exchange could also be disrupted by any data errors from the suppliers’ end. For companies with dozens or even hundreds of trading partners, it’s better to onboard trading partners for EPCIS in blocks. Work needs to begin soon to ensure that there will be sufficient amount of accurate serial data to support outbound shipping needs in 2023.

Contact us today to set up a no-obligation discussion. Our specialist will walk you through your operations and help set a roadmap for your 2023 DSCSA compliance.