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Smith Drug Investigator™ Pilot Webinar Available On-Demand

June 25, 2020

To help pharmaceutical manufacturers to comply with DSCSA Saleable Returns requirements and learn how Smith Drug Company resolves saleable returns verification issues (specifically the negative verification responses), LSPediA now has the Smith Drug Investigator Pilot webinar available to view on-demand.

Smith Drug Company has begun phasing in the DSCSA Saleable Returns requirement, starting with the Investigator™ Pilot and will soon proceed with live verifications in the distribution centers. Once the Rx verification starts, the negative verification handling is a significant part of the DSCSA Saleable Returns processing.

It is imperative that Smith Drug Company and its’ manufacturing partners have the infrastructure and processes in place to deal with any negative responses. It is for this reason that Smith Drug Company is using the LSPediA Investigator™ module to document all negative verification requests and resolve them collaboratively with their manufacturer suppliers.

Investigator is an issue tracking tool that helps your organization meet your DSCSA challenges. Towards addressing negative verifications, Investigator sends an automated alert to the manufacturer and provides a collaborative workspace for manufacturers and their partners to conduct product investigations, eliminating the need for phone calls or additional staffing.

Attend the on-demand webinar to learn critical compliance and business operations impacting manufacturers.

Attendees can register HERE to learn about:

  • Smith Drug’s Saleable Returns Process
  • What is a Negative Response
  • What a Negative Verification Notification e-mail is and how to respond
  • How to clear a ‘false negative verification’
  • How Investigator is used in Smith Drug’s Saleable Returns process

Webinar attendees will also learn:

  • Investigator live Demo
  • The Investigator on-boarding process
  • Smith Drug go-live timeline

This webinar serves as the pre-requisite information to participate in the upcoming Smith Drug open office sessions starting on 6/30/2020. Leaders in DSCSA Compliance, Supply Chain, Quality, IT and Customer Service are recommended to view the webinar as the information presented should help them maximize the effectiveness of supplier communications. Webinar speakers include Brad Pine, Vice President, Brand Rx & Regulatory and Pam Clements, Senior Manager Reverse Logistics from Smith Drug Company as well as Michael Ventura, VP of Solutions and Innovations and Andrew Meyer, Director of Supply Chain from LSPediA.

Register for the On-Demand Webinar

Smith Drug Company and LSPediA’s on-boarding team are now in the process of registering and setting up Smith Drug’s manufacturing suppliers into the Investigator™ system.

Questions? Ready to get started with Investigator? Visit Investigator Onboarding or e-mail to get started with the on-boarding process!