LSPediA Solutions Unify the Pharma Supply Chain

January 14, 2021

The pharma supply chain is facing complex challenges serialization and operational issues. With requirements from the the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) going into effect, manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispensers choose LSPediA solutions to help make, move, and protect their serialized products while working effectively with their trading partners.

Watch this video to learn how companies across the pharma supply chain use LSPediA’s solutions for product tracing, product verification, and problem investigation.

LSPediA’s OneScan solution offers unapparelled depth and breadth, with capabilities that enable effective day-to-day pharma operations, including:

  • CMO management
  • Distributing serialized products from receiving, putaway, to pick/pack/shipping
  • Keep the supply chain smooth with unified tracing, verification, data management, alerts, and issue resolution
  • Direct access to all necessary audit trail for FDA audits

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