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LSPediA Alliance Service Partnership Program

April 23, 2021

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) creates an array of new changes for how business is conducted in the pharmaceutical supply chain. However, this is not a new phenomenon as the industry was aware of the need for this compliance several years ago.

For example, recognizing the complexity of the DSCSA implementation for a pharmaceutical manufacturer back in 2015, Joseph Barner, CFO of Kowa Pharmaceuticals said, “For a company our size, where do we begin?”

This is the question many pharma manufacturers and wholesalers large or small are still asking. They simply don’t have a team or any full-time employees who are dedicated to DSCSA implementation. Without the DSCSA experts in house, it is difficult to understand what the first step is to ensure compliance, much less the “next” steps needed in the process.

Instead of trying to execute the DSCSA implementation while lacking internal resources, many companies seek and rely on outside help. Hiring a consulting firm or an independent consultant is a great way to add DSCSA knowledge and expertise without encountering the expense of hiring full-time employees. Consultants understand the best practices for helping a company to plan and adhere to FDA compliance – and best of all they can help manufacturers and wholesalers save time and money in the process.

LSPediA and Axway Partnership

Partnership at work – Axway and LSPediA show case joint offerings at 2019 HDA DMC.

Integrate service with technology

It’s important to know that DSCSA can’t be effectively implemented without software. As the complexity of DSCSA requirements increased, the demand for robust and proven DSCSA software skyrocketed. From EDI ASN, EPCIS, to Verification Router Service, only a high quality DSCSA solution can smooth out supply chain operations, adhere to FDA compliance, and unify alerts for supply chain issues.

On the other hand, a poorly designed software solution slows daily operations, drains resources, and creates problems that waste money and valuable people resources. The ability to select the right software for clients is one of the highly regarded objectives for experienced consultants. There is significant value in recommending LSPediA’s DSCSA solution for turnkey compliance and effective operations.

Benefits of LSPediA’s Alliance Service Partnership (ASP)

Here at LSPediA, we invite you to join our Alliance Service Partner (ASP) Program to add value to your service offering. Such value can lead to your next steps of establishing a long-lasting, profitable, and trusted partnership with your clients.

LSPediA provides the professional training, branding, and resources for our ASP partners to help them differentiate and create value. As an ASP partner, you will receive:

  • Training and certification as an ASP
  • Exclusive discounts for your Clients
  • Access to technical Support Portal
  • Joint new releases
  • Preview of R&D Roadmap
  • Access to the brightest minds of LSPediA’s Professional Services team
  • Invitations to participate in FDA Pilots and Industry Pilots
  • Invitations to exclusive Demo Days, webinars, and training resource
  • Membership to Referral Program

You can stay on top of the latest innovations that we offer coupled with your valuable management consulting services. To learn if you are qualified as an ASP partner for the open territories and markets, complete the LSPediA ASP Qualification Form.

Join ASP and Thrive

As part of the ASP network, you will have access to LSPediA’s proven DSCSA solutions and responsive services for your clients. With many successful customers and partners, LSPediA’s OneScan solution is the fastest growing software in the product tracking space. OneScan is known for meeting all DSCSA requirements in real world daily operations managing product tracking, verification, supply chain alerts, and trading partner issue resolutions.

Whether you are a consulting firm, a service provider, or an independent consultant, your organization and clients will benefit from your services as an LSPediA ASP. Joining our program today by taking these two simple steps.

  1. LSPediA ASP Qualification Form
  2. Register for Demo Day for Consultants on 5/5/2021 to learn how to implement DSCSA serialization using LSPediA OneScan.

About LSPediA

LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers partner with LSPediA to make, move, track, verify, and protect the drug products in their care for patient safety.

LSPediA is different because our solution potential is limitless. Built with user efficiency, automation, and data security at their core, our solutions are transforming compliance and supply chain efforts. LSPediA’s OneScan, RxChain, and Investigator technologies enable error-free and keyboard-free capabilities for ASN, EPCIS, VRS, issue tracking, and interoperability.

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