LSPediA Aids Homeless Veterans in Need

December 23, 2019
lspedia 2019 holiday donations
LSPediA serving dinner to homeless veterans at St. Mary's of Redford Church in Detroit
happy holidays from LSPediA 2019

As the year draws towards a conclusion, we tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on our own accomplishments and thinking about our goals for the year to follow. It’s important however to look outward and remember to uplift others in our community that are in need, especially those that are not afforded the same basic privileges that many of us have.

Last week we shared that LSPediA volunteered at the St. Mary’s of Redford Church located in Detroit, MI donating bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and more to our veterans. We also served dinner and had the privilege to enjoy their company during their holiday party. We received numerous compliments and notes that it inspires everyone to do more within their own communities. Therefore; we thought nothing could say more than pictures of sharing and caring, and the smiles that come with doing so.

The LSPediA team extends our wishes that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to speaking with you more in 2020 – in inspiring fashion!