With nine months to the final DSCSA deadline, pharma businesses can't afford to ignore exceptions management.

February 13, 2023

With the pharmaceutical industry's transition to DSCSA set to be complete this year (on November 27, 2023), trading partners across the supply chain are seeing the start of a massive increase in EPCIS data exchange volume.

This boom in data, spurred by the oncoming requirement to track and trace items at the individual package level, is accompanied by a boom in the errors called exceptions. In these cases, the EPCIS data that must accompany a product during a transaction is either missing or doesn't match the physical product; when this occurs, the product must be returned or quarantined, rather than received into inventory or given to patients.

As this data increase picks up steam through 2023, organizations that don't have tools to easily handle exceptions are at risk of being overwhelmed with stressful and expensive problems each day, all while product sits idle. Such issues require time and storage space for the stopped product, and, given the just-in-time business model, those aren't in great supply.

Operating efficiently in the DSCSA supply chain requires an exceptions management solution that can bring automation and ease of use to any receiving or shipping environment.

LSPedia's Investigator is the industry's leading solution, designed to automatically find EPCIS errors, alert personnel when they occur, and guide the resolution process. With system-agnostic operation and easy implementation, it's the safest, smartest, and most efficient way to keep your product moving —and out of quarantine.

“We’re leveraging software called Investigator from LSPedia for exceptions today. We were using them for saleable returns, and we’ll most likely be using that going forward for exceptions so that we can log them…. All exceptions would be managed centrally. I have 26 DCs [distribution centers], so when we clear an exception, we will communicate to the DC that it's okay to release said quarantined inventory.”

Matt Sample, VP, manufacturer operations at AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Quoted in Healthcare Packaging, "DSCSA and the Importance of Exception Management," November 2021

Investigator is also at the heart of the Exceptions Pilot, an effort currently underway by LSPedia and numerous partners. The program is creating processes and standards for unforeseen data errors, toward preventing slowdowns across the entire pharma supply chain.

Don't wait long — handling DSCSA data is simply what it means to do business in 2023 and beyond. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can protect your business, your patients, and your partners from exceptions.