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LSPedia’s Pharmacy Pro: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Leading Hassle-Free and Affordable FDA DSCSA Compliance Solution for Dispensers

April 3, 2023

Powerful, Affordable Pharmacy DSCSA Software

Some pharmacies are taking massive risks by waiting too long to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, while others are discovering that they’ve overspent on solutions that lack essential features. Now, LSPedia’s OneScan Pharmacy Pro is making complete DSCSA compliance quick, easy, and affordable enough for any dispenser, turning the FDA’s November 27, 2023 enforcement deadline into an opportunity.

From local independent pharmacies to chains, dispenser businesses can now easily implement DSCSA without replacing any systems. OneScan Pharmacy Pro’s elegant cloud design lets it work seamlessly with any dispensing or pharmacy management software; integrations are fast and effective, and teams can get started rapidly via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

The solution goes beyond compliance, optimizing supply chain operations to bring down costs — so that, beyond avoiding expensive pitfalls, OneScan Pharmacy Pro makes DSCSA a chance for dispensers to save money.

Complete DSCSA Software Designed for Pharmacies

OneScan Pharmacy Pro provides simple and affordable tools to receive, track, manage, and verify EPCIS data, while automating expiry management, trading partner licenses, serial verification, data retention, FDA reporting, and more.

Additionally, OneScan Pharmacy Pro features access to LSPedia’s industry-leading Investigator technology, which automatically alerts suppliers to EPCIS errors and guides the resolution process, saving hours or days of problem-solving while ensuring that good products flow to the patient rather than being needlessly delayed or destroyed.

These capabilities help pharmacies operate with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence, reducing the risk of slowdowns, disruptions, and audits.

Top-Quality DSCSA Compliance

Dispensers are recognizing OneScan Pharmacy Pro’s quality: the suite is quickly becoming the most adopted DSCSA compliance solution in the industry among national chains, as well as the preferred solution for many regional and national group purchasing associations (GPOs). Moreover, LSPedia has ensured that cost isn’t a barrier to adoption, offering OneScan Pharmacy Pro at prices any dispenser can afford.

“If you want to ensure full DSCSA compliance in your pharmacy, LSPedia’s Pharmacy Pro solution is the way to go,” said Jeff Herman, CEO of Pharmasource LLC. “It outperforms all other solutions with its robust features, ease of use, and affordability.”

Since 2013, LSPedia has earned its place as the leading provider of DSCSA compliance solutions. The company has been transacting EPCIS files for more than six years, and includes a true, trusted Verification Router Service as part of its scalable, feature-rich suite of pharmacy solutions.

Breakthrough Pharmacy DSCSA Solutions

“We’re incredibly proud of the breakthroughs we’ve made in our pharmacy solutions,” said LSPedia CEO Riya Cao.

“We’ve made the experience something our customers can understand intuitively and use with confidence, all while maintaining low cost of ownership," she added. "DSCSA compliance can be a victory for your business in 2023, where you eliminate the costs of complicated errors and non-compliance while making your operations run better than ever.”

With unmatched affordability, speed and convenience, OneScan Pharmacy Pro makes DSCSA compliance easy and profitable for any pharmacy business.

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