Tis the Season for Giving

December 11, 2019
LSPediA team christmas donation veterans

It is a life lesson we teach our children, as it was taught to us by our parents—this is the season of giving. It starts with Thanksgiving and takes us through a religious and cultural series of holidays of celebration that commences with the time mark of passage to a new year. It’s a time for appreciating all that we have gained, and commemorating all we may have lost.

Today’s world is not so different from the past, but there is a strong cultural current that pulls us more toward the desire to “receive” than to “give.” Think about kids sitting on Santa’s lap with presents on their minds, the shopping lists provided by relatives and friends, and the self-reward concept for those so inclined. All of this “conflict of interest” is never more apparent than on the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

In the chaos of taking care of those “wish lists” for those we know and love, it is easy to lose the true spirit that lives in the higher spectrum of humanity – giving to those who have not, or have somehow slipped away from a comfort zone of family and friends to take care of them.

This past Black Friday, LSPediA’s own Vickie Price dove headfirst into the commotion of Black Friday to keep that spirit of giving alive. She did not endure the crowds and lines in pursuit of the fulfillment of wish lists for family, friends, or herself – she shopped with the same vigilance as others, but it was for those who have been lost in life’s shuffle. Armed with the company credit card (courtesy of our thoughtful leader, Riya Cao), Vickie shopped for homeless veterans. She wasn’t on the hunt for glitzy electronic games or frivolous gadgets, but rather comfort items—flannel sheet sets, pillows, flannel shirts and personal items for veterans.

We’re so proud to have this example of giving displayed by Vickie and Riya, and hope it inspires everyone the way it inspires us to share this example—pay it forward. Be thankful, celebrate, and remember friends and family during this season. And while we should never lose sight of how good it feels to receive, don’t forget how much better it feels to give.

On behalf of the team at LSPediA, we hope you have  a healthy, joyous, and relaxing holiday season!

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