LSPedia Hosts Webinar on Industry Connections and EPCIS Data Exchange

January 16, 2024

LSPedia recently hosted our monthly 2X Connect webinar, focusing on establishing critical data connections between trading partners as mandated by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The webinar featured insights from LSPedia CEO Riya Cao, VP of Services Rose Campasano, SVP of Sales and Marketing Daniel MacKinnon and Support Engineer Brendan Lathers discussing trends and challenges associated with making these connections and solutions.

Request access to our Supplier Connect portal and watch a recording of this webinar and review a copy of the presentation deck as well as tap, our  full list of customer GLNs to expedite your connection efforts and avoid data issues as well as review our FAQ section for help answering your questions.


One key aspect highlighted in this discussion was the significance of point-to-point connections. Under the DSCSA, each trading partner must have an individual data connection to exchange EPCIS files with each trading partner. We have seen a nearly 5x increase in EPCIS data file exchanges since June of 2023. However, this is not nearly enough for industry-wide compliance with DSCSA’s November 2024 deadline.

45% of our polled webinar audience stated that the top reason their customers are not receiving data from them is because they are waiting for their DSCSA systems to be ready. A challenge that we stand ready to address.

LSPedia advocates leveraging provider-to-provider connections as a more efficient alternative using our software. By working through a provider with pre-formed, tested connections, companies can streamline the process and overcome a potential barrier to DSCSA compliance. LSPedia's platform facilitates secure and encrypted EDI and AS2 technology that along with our Exchange module, enables connections to be established in a single day.

Exceptions Management

With an increase in new EPCIS file transfers, comes an increase in exceptions. The DSCSA's Enhanced Security provisions require companies to promptly find and resolve exceptions for items to be received into inventory. Failure to resolve exceptions leads to products being quarantined, impacting the supply chain.

LSPedia's Investigator module quickly identifies and corrects transaction data errors. This module sends automatic alerts when exceptions occur, guides error resolution, and quickly reloads or resends updated EPCIS files. It provides a crucial time advantage in addressing problems promptly, preventing potential disruptions down the supply chain.

Investigator not only mitigates risks but also offers opportunities for accurate and timely data for demand forecasting. This leads to better inventory planning and optimization, reducing stockouts, improving inventory management, and enhancing communication with customers and partners.

If you have not yet started sending EPCIS data or are struggling to keep up, contact LSPedia at to improve your data flow today.

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