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LSPediA COVID-19 Advisory and Support

March 16, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

LSPediA has implemented policies aligned with the CDC guidelines to provide a healthy workplace.  I am proud to report that LSPediA is running at 100% capability, all our employees are healthy and taking the appropriate precautions, and high-quality support is available 8 am to 7 pm EDT, as usual.

Anticipating that customers may face labor shortages, extended work hours, and expanded employee responsibilities, LSP is proactively providing the following services to improve your operational accuracy, efficiency, and output.

  1. Scan stations and scanners – Customers who want to switch from manual operation to automated receive/pick/pack/ship by scanning, scan-stations, and scanners are available to order.
  2. EDI – Customers who want to switch from manual 3Ts to EDI, please request B2B module.
  3. Training – For employees who are taking on more responsibilities and for new employees, training and training videos are available by request.
  4. Transaction monitoring – LSP actively monitors your EDI ASN, 3Ts, VRS, and EPCIS transactions, and we will alert you of any errors and issues.

Also, remember you have RxChain and OneScan solutions at your fingertips to ease the operational bottlenecks. To receive immediate operational or production assistance, please create a support ticket. Each ticket will be assessed, assigned, and resolved as quickly as possible.

We maintain our absolute commitment to superior service levels, customer relationships, and satisfaction. We work extraordinarily hard in times like this to ensure that we continue to deliver solutions and services that you value.

On behalf of the entire LSPediA team, I thank you for entrusting your DSCSA compliance to us.

Sincerely yours,

Riya Cao

CEO, LSPediA Inc.