How to have an expert DSCSA compliance team in shape for November 2023

January 16, 2023

LSPedia is hosting its first DSCSA training session of the year on February 1-2, 2023. Accessible in-person and online, it’s the fastest way to create your own team of DSCSA experts.

Who is your DSCSA expert?

On November 27, 2023, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act will go into enforcement, completing the FDA’s 10-year transformation of the prescription drug supply chain. After that date, companies out of compliance will be at risk of stopped product and regulatory audits, potentially incurring lost business, lost revenue, fines, and reputational damage.

If you’re following LSPedia, you’ve already made the excellent move of looking for DSCSA expertise. You probably also have know the basics for your business: what it means to be an Authorized Trading Partner, using a unique product identifier, accepting EPCIS data, processing verification requests, making appropriate FDA reports, and the like. However, each company’s operations, history, and compliance journey are unique — and having an overview of DSCSA isn’t the same as being able to navigate your organization through it on a strategic and operational level. Further, without a base of knowledge to draw from, the new problems that will inevitably crop up this year amid the industry’s transition to DSCSA can be overwhelming.

So, you’ll want your organization to have someone who’s an expert on two things: DSCSA — and your own company.

You’ll also want them sooner, rather than later. There may be 10 months between now and the enforcement deadline, but the crucial changes needed for DSCSA take time, and results will reflect whether you’ve had it or not. For example, if you wait until October of this year, you can probably expect a rather rough month (or more) during which your supply chain operations get more expensive, more confusing, and much slower.

Hands-on experience

Our methodology combines DSCSA background with interactive tools to ensure that attendees come away with firsthand knowledge of EPCIS, VRS, product tracing, exceptions management, 3911 FDA reporting, interoperability, master data, and more.

The sessions also involve insight into structuring an organization’s DSCSA implementation, integrating DSCSA solutions with business systems, and how the process fits into all trading partner operations.

Don’t let your DSCSA expert wait! Register for this year’s sessions now.



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