How switching to LSPedia put TopRx in the driver's seat for DSCSA compliance

October 10, 2023
"They started realizing that exceptions could literally shut them down. So, we made DSCSA a priority."
- Brian Cooper, Vice President of Operations, TopRx

THE BUSINESS: TopRx, a leader in generics

For more than 30 years, TopRx has been a leading distributor in the generic space, with operations based in Memphis, TN and Bethlehem, PA. It offers preferred brand pharmaceuticals, over the counter products, PPE, and antidiabetic products, as well as medical products and vials for pharmacy fulfillment. Its staff take pride in providing the best service times in the U.S., with 90% of orders delivering the next day. TopRx is dedicated to saving patients time and money, and forming strong partner relationships to ensure top-quality results for customers.  

DSCSA: The FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act

November 27, 2023 will mark the completion of a decade-long transformation of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. All trading partners will need to follow new data requirements designed to make prescription drugs fully traceable and prevent illegitimate or suspect products from reaching patients. That date also marks the start of a “stabilization period” where pharmaceutical businesses must perfect their DSCSA systems and processes, in collaboration with their trading partners.

"If you can say you’re ready to go with DSCSA data, customers are going to want to deal with you over competitors who aren’t."

THE PROBLEM(S): Bad DSCSA data and frequent exceptions

By 2022, TopRx had become aware that a significant twofold problem with its existing DSCSA solution vendor was impacting its business and compliance progress. This vendor often provided incomplete 3Ts transaction data, which repeatedly caused time-consuming exceptions – the data errors that occur when the transaction data and the delivered product do not match. Further, it was unresponsive to TopRx’s requests to fix these exceptions.  

The issue frequently impacted its ability to receive products, as, under DSCSA, unresolved exceptions cause the product to be quarantined rather than accepted into inventory and sold. “We had items in quarantine for up to two weeks,” said Brian Cooper, Vice President of Operations.

On top of an already unacceptable situation, Cooper was aware that, under DSCSA’s Enhanced Security provisions coming into force in 2023, the window to resolve quarantined product would be limited to three days. Without improvement, it would face repeated instances of lost product that would need to be returned and re-ordered, a costly hassle. “Everybody's trying to get more compliant and pressure-test systems. They started realizing that exceptions could literally shut them down if they didn’t have something to fall back on. So, we made DSCSA a priority for TopRx.”  

THE SOLUTION: Seamless integration and top-flight exceptions management

TopRx sought a solution provider with robust capabilities in exceptions management, one whose system was capable of tracking, automating, and simplifying the complex web of requirements that comprise DSCSA. Another priority was smooth integration with their existing software, to ensure quick progress and easy access from the start.

Their search led to LSPedia, which had developed not only the most complete DSCSA solution, but the most advanced exceptions management system available. Its OneScan Investigator module automatically sends alert emails when it detects an error, and then guides the resolution process toward fixing and re-submitting clean EPCIS data. And with a cloud-based design, LSPedia solutions can integrate with any system.

LSPedia began working with OneScan – including its Investigator exceptions management technology – in February 2023, with full implementation on track for February 2024. Cooper cites LSPedia’s responsiveness as an immediate benefit: “The LSPedia team works really well with my team. It's not always easy when you're working across multiple levels of partners and suppliers. Anytime we have questions, they're responsive and knowledgeable.” As part of the customer care process, LSPedia and TopRx hold weekly meetings to address any pain points or roadblocks, reversing TopRx’s pain point with its previous vendor.

THE RESULTS: Smooth product receipt, full DSCSA compliance, and less stress

Cooper reported that LSPedia’s OneScan Suite removed inefficiencies across the board, and praised its Investigator module for drastically reducing the number of exceptions that occur and the minimal quarantine times they now require. Product is now rapidly accepted into inventory without wait times, which improves business outcomes and maximizes the amount of time supply chain employees can spend on their core job tasks.

For TopRx, OneScan has eliminated the stress around the complex supply chain transformation posed by DSCSA, with complete assurance that all present and future provisions – from tracking of Authorized Trading Partners to ready Standard Operating Procedures for its own staff – are accounted for without extra effort.  

"The LSPedia team works really well with my team. Anytime we have questions, they're responsive and knowledgeable."

THE FUTURE: Assured compliance and better business

Cooper noted that TopRx’s 100% compliance status has enabled them to be proactive and confident in forming DSCSA data connections, which benefits business and trading partner relationships. “We're reaching out to customers and vendors on both sides of our value stream, trying to get them to provide the data,” he said.

“It’s very cumbersome if you wait to the last minute, which was one reason we wanted to move quickly. If you can say you’re ready to go with DSCSA data, customers are going to want to deal with you over competitors who aren’t.”