DSCSA Readiness | Where to Start & What to Watch Out For

August 1, 2022

Is your business ready for the November 2023 deadline to meet DSCSA requirements set forth by the FDA? Have you coordinated your plan with all your trading partners along the supply chain? Have you considered that the right solutions require a healthy runway to put in place?  

If those are your internal discussions, register for the DSCSA Readiness Webinar, jointly presented by LSPediA and Jennason. During the 45-minute session (offered twice: August 18th & 23rd), attendees will hear from industry experts Riya Cao (LSPediA), Michael Ventura (LSPediA), and Scott Pugh (Jennason) as they share the do’s and don’ts from their experiences supporting companies through their DSCSA 2023 compliance projects.

Date & Time

Choose from two sessions: August 18th or August 23rd – 11am ET

Duration: One hour

Who Should Attend

We recommend that the key stakeholders and employees of Regulatory, Compliance, Quality, Operations, Supply Chain, Warehouse, Distribution, Customer Service, and IT attend this webinar.

Topics of Interest

Scott Pugh will share real world case studies providing deeper insight into the implementation and testing phases  of adopting compliance measures. Riya Cao will share the industry benchmark of EPCIS onboarding status from upstream CMOs as well downstream wholesale and retaining customers. Companies falling behind the benchmark can utilize LSPediA’s OneScan to fast track EPCIS exchange in half the time and cost. Hearing the lessons learned from others in the industry could save your company from hitting the same common pitfalls. Some key topics that will be covered include:  

  • How to properly scope and plan for serialized data exchange
  • The importance of exception handling and the tools available to better prepare for and ensure ongoing exceptions management
  • A comparison of case studies with contrasting serialization capabilities and the impact it’s had on their 2023 efforts  


This is a free webinar for pharmaceutical supply chain trading partners. Space is limited. Register today.