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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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David Mikesell

David Mikesell, Software Engineer

Cardinal Health

“Previously we would trip on the first error in the EPCIS file and send it back. Investigator now immediately notifies the manufacturer of everything that is wrong with the EPCIS file top to bottom. The sender gets a real time email alert which enables them to initiate the issue resolution process in a timely manner. Investigator is the digital bouncer that keeps the bad data out and good data in.”

“Investigator creates a much more streamlined, efficient and scalable processfor all of us. Errors and warnings are reported immediately by automation and are indicated in the email subject line with consistency. A secured link is given, and error scan be followed up and remediated as soon as possible.”

Jay Madden, ACI Healthcare USA

Jay Madden, Director National Account

ACI Healthcare USA

“At the end of the day, we are bringing a product into the market. If we don’t have our product where it should be, that PO is basically regurgitating, you can run into failure supply fees and they can be very, very, very substantial.”

“There are challenges out there and one of the challenges is our CMOs. We reply on our CMOs and most of them are abroad. LSPediA has been instrumental in managing CMOs and getting the EPCIS data. My CEO and I placed our trust into LSPediA. I am just happy that LSPediA is in our corner because I don’t have time to check EPCIS for errors. We are a small company. I wear a lot of hats. LSPediA took a lot of burden away from us which gives me more time to generate revenue.”

Gary Davis, Cardinal Health

Gary Davis, Technical Operations Director

Cardinal Health 3PL

“At a 3PL, we’ve got manufacturers at different points on the journey. For the manufacturers who are proactive in working with us on data exchange today, it’s amazing how many issues we’ve already worked through. These are issues you want to address today, not in 2023. So that’s why we’re encouraging all manufacturers to start EPCIS data exchange as quickly as possible.”

Ameer Ali, AmerisourceBergen

Ameer Ali, Sr. Director Manufacturer Operations


“Exception handling is a complex thing. There are many different scenarios that require different reactions, solutions, sometimes different personnel to deal with. We need that process to run like a well-oiled machine, so that we can keep the product moving.”

Jeff Falardeau, Cardinal Health

Jeff Falardeau, Manager Pharmaceutical Information Technology

Cardinal Health

“We feel the pain when EPCIS files are late or error out. Shipments get set aside and pile up at receiving. With our volume, it’s impossible for us to check and catch errors manually. This needs to be addressed with automation and, Investigator is, in my mind, the best product out there to help with exceptions management.”

“Investigator will check for errors and do a much more thorough job than we (Cardinal Health IT) can do with manual investigation, It will save a ton of time, and that’s good for me, good for you, and good for patients. It eliminates the potential for human error and gives time back to work on other value-added tasks. Prior to Investigator we were limited to discover errors that we could see. The errors that we can’t see often cause issues downstream. With Investigator, we now catch more errors upfront.”

“Utilizing LSPediA’s Investigator, I feel very good about its ability to uphold the highest standards of GS1 Conformance testing. We are confident that working with us and with Investigator, our suppliers are getting a thorough edit of their files in tests and production.”

Kelly Lacy, Product Owner, Manufacturer Operations


“Investigator is efficient, effective, and accurate. It’s accurate because the system communicates the data. There are no typos, no human intervention, no human has to type anything with their eyes getting crossed as they count the zeros in the serial numbers. Investigator is really a great system for exceptions management.”

“AmerisourceBergen’s exception handling solution is Investigator. We went live with that in June 2021. We now have 40 manufacturers that are using investigator, and we add a couple more every week. We are prioritizing those who use Investigator and as LSPediA grows their customer base, the awareness in the industry is getting better and we can work with more manufacturers. They’re hearing those good things, they’re seeing it. I’m really glad that LSPediA has created this Investigator solution and it’s working.”

Matt Sample, VP Manufacturer Operations


“The LSPediA OneScan Investigator product allows us to work smarter, manage technical issues and negative verifications better, and not find it necessary to hire FTEs and throw other resources at the problem. OneScan Investigator is the only solution that solves the management of anticipated volumes of negative verifications. In addition, it gives us the ability to manage suspect/illegitimate products and file FDA 3911 notifications in one place and do trading partner notifications when required.”

Ken Riester

Ken Riester, VP Supply Chain

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“I would seriously recommend LSPediA. Their leadership has been awesome. Their project management skills have been terrific. The expertise and knowledge around Manufacturing, regulations, serialization, integrating systems has been incredibly valuable to us.”

Bryan Brassell Kowa Pharmaceuticals

Bryan Brassell, Warehouse and Facilities Manager

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“Implementing RxChain has improved our accuracy drastically. In past years it was common to have one shipping discrepancy a month, sometimes more. After partnering with LSPediA, we went two years without a single shipping discrepancy. That’s huge.”

Mark Rumble Auburn Pharmaceutical

Mark Rumble, VP Operations

Auburn Pharmaceutical

“Everybody at LSPediA is very knowledgeable with their products. When we ask a question they just know the answer. Everybody on staff has the knowledge and experience and that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.”

Jim Toland Axway

Jim Toland, PreSales Engineer

Axway Healthcare

“LSPediA had by far the best Verification Router Service out of everyone that we looked at. That’s why we chose to utilize their lookup directory. We especially enjoy the automated approach to creating 3911 reports for the FDA.”

Frank Rivera Drogueria Betances

Frank Rivera, VP Operations & Distribution

Drogueria Betances

“We wanted to be compliant with DSCSA on day one. We looked at several different solutions for VRS and LSPediA’s OneScan stood out to us the most. We’re looking forward to utilizing LSPediA’s software to streamline our returns process and reduce the amount of returns we receive overall.”

Brittany Foxworth final

Brittany Foxworth, Account I

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“Things run a lot smoother after automating our day to day operations utilizing LSPediA’s RxChain, We’ve had occurrences of being able to prevent loss by utilizing trace and trace reports to hunt down missing product, which is invaluable.”

Petra Huegel Drugs Unlimited

Petra Huegel, Traffic Coordinator & Certified Quality Inspector

Drugs Unlimited

“We invested a lot of time and effort looking into other software solutions for VRS. When we spoke to other companies that had partnered with LSPediA, it confirmed they had what we were looking for: personalized attention for individual companies and quick responses to inquiries.”

Leonardo Gil

Leonardo Gil, Supervisor Returns and Inventory

Drogueria Betances

“Before implementing LSPediA’s OneScan VRS Solution and Investigator module, our entire investigation process was done via paperwork. The VRS changes all of that. We’ll know whether or not product is counterfeit and that’s going to help us on both the efficiency side and the quality side.”

Brad King

Brad King, Business Operations

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“We consider LSPediA to be experts when it comes to the DSCSA and Serialization. They know and understand the ever changing regulations are are proactive on putting things in place to get us ready to go live with serialization.”

Claudio Gallina VAI

Claudio Gallina, VP Pharmaceutical Division


“Partnering with LSPediA to provide a VRS solution has been invaluable. They have been a great partner not only in integrating our software but also in helping us to optimize its performance.”

Terrie Stonerock Auburn Pharmaceutical Thumbnail

Terrie Stonerock, VP Information Technology

Auburn Pharmaceutical

“Choosing LSPediA over competing companies really came down to their knowledge. They answered all of questions confidently and had solutions for whatever we threw at them.”

Darren Myher Blue Link headshot FINAL

Darren Myher, CTO

Blue Link

“LSPediA has been a very valuable partner for Blue Link. By utilizing LSPediA’s VRS our customers are able to scan 2D barcodes on returned product and get a response instantaneously. It’s amazing how fast it works.”

Jessica Beaver Kowa Pharmaceuticals

Jessica Beaver, VP Regulatory and Business Operations

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

“LSPediA’s OneScan VRS and Investigator module provides us with an automated, elegantly designed approach and response to Serialization.”

Mike Smith Auburn Pharmaceutical

Mike Smith, Systems Network Administrator

Auburn Pharmaceutical

“With our previous provider, there was no communication and not a lot of responsibility taken for things not working. We had the interview with LSPediA and quickly realized these were the people we wanted to work with. Not just for the functionality of their software, but also for their customer service.”

Joshua Young

Joshua Young, Senior Manager & Head of Operations

Komtur Pharmaceuticals

“We tested LSPediA’s OneScan VRS and I’m impressed with the speed of the scans. In my previous role I managed a packaging department and had to aggregate cartons into cases and the process was slow (1-3 seconds per scan) while using other competitive solutions.”

Bill Carney

Bill Carney, VP Operations

Genetco Inc.

“LSPediA is so easy to work with, it’s been a home run. The testing went well, integration was fantastic. Working with the LSPediA team has been easy, and they really know what they’re doing. I am excited about the future working with the investigator module.”

“The LSPediA team is great to work with. The responses to our inquiries and issues was quick and decisive. Our project went very smooth.”