OneScan® Verification Router Service (VRS)

Verification Router Service (VRS)

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Verifier® for Saleable Returns

Verifier® is LSPediA’s Verification Router Service for saleable returns. It functions as a platform, a network, and a cloud application so that companies can verify serialized products with a single scan of any 2D barcode. Verifier® routes verification requests to the manufacturer’s EPCIS serial repository for an immediate query and response. Verifier® not only works 24/7 but also offers sub-second response time for each transaction.

  • Manufacturer Authentication
  • 24/7 Access
  • Sub-Second Response Time

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Value Beyond Compliance

Verifier® routes verification requests to the manufacturer’s EPCIS serial repository for an immediate query and response. Verifier® not only works 24/7 but also offers sub-second response time for each transaction.

Look-up Directory (LD)

Verifier® consolidates all LD records on the VRS network with all the GTIN and GTIN Connection Information. The LD is synchronized daily in real time to keep the connection information up to date so that all requests can be routed to the correct data repository.

  • GTIN Master Data
  • Real-time LD Sync
  • Product Acquisition

Verification (Web and API)

Verifier® initiates a verification by scanning a 2D barcode from either an integrated warehouse system or from LSPediA’s VRS web application – Verifier® routes the verification to the manufacturer’s serial data repository and retrieves the corresponding response.

  • Single Scan Verification
  • Standard APIs
  • FDA DSCSA Compliance

Verification History

Verifier® keeps the complete history of each verification transaction. The history can be searched, researched, and audited for any specific transaction. Verifier® sorts and groups all transaction history data, and can export that data to other business systems for analytics and audits..

  • Single Scan Verification
  • Standard APIs
  • FDA DSCSA Compliance

Digital Supply Chain

LSPediA’s Verifier® VRS manages more than just saleable returns. It’s an interoperable peer-to-peer messaging solution for all supply chain transactions related to the unique product identifier, including fraud prevention, investigation, and decommissioning. Clients will see significant ROI from increased supply chain efficiency, data visibility, and turnkey compliance under the DSCSA regulations.


Investigator® manages inbound and outbound notifications for recalled products, suspect products, and investigations. Investigator® provides the automated workflow to initiate quarantine, conduct verification, file FDA 3911 reports, and notify trading partners. All events are captured with a complete history for six years and are easily accessible for audits.

  • FDA Recall System Sync
  • 3911 Reporting
  • Trading Partner Notification

Refund Manager® for Non-creditable Returns

Either through lack of controls or fraud, donated product or short-date sale product can find its way back into the legitimate supply chain. There, it can be returned for a credit exceeding the discounted price applied when the product was sold or donated. Refund Manager® prevents such fraudulent returns by verifying product identifiers and retrieving the sales status assigned to the serial number.

    • Single Scan RMA
    • Realtime Rejection
    • Refund Invoice Price

Verifier+® for Decommission

Customers can now receive decommissioning events if their Reverse Logistics Partner uses Verifier+® to capture serial numbers before the product is destroyed. This keeps the disposed serial numbers out of the digital supply chain and away from counterfeiters, eliminating risks caused by illegal activity.

  • Single Scan Decommission
  • Cradle-to-Grave Unit Tracking
  • EPCIS Status Update

ADR® for Authorized Trading Partner Management

ADR® provides a robust workflow for customers to add, maintain, and manage their Authorized Trading Partners. ADR® monitors license status and the trading partner’s access to serial verification.

  • FDA WDD 3PL Synch
  • Monitor License Expiry
  • Manage Access to VRS

Chargeback Monitor®

Chargeback Monitor® is an analytical tool that manages your total chargeback revenue exposure. It accrues the corresponding chargeback fees for each unique saleable return. The accrual data is sorted by product in time buckets for analytics, and can be exported to external business systems to manage overall chargeback cost.

  • Accrue Chargebacks
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
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