LSPediA is the leading provider for the pharmaceutical industry for serialization, DSCSA, and supply chain optimization. Watch these videos to learn about our OneScan software suite.

In April of 2019, LSPediA was selected by the FDA to participate in the FDA DSCSA Pilot Project Program, focusing on utilizing LSPediA’s OneScan Solution for Verification, Notification, and Interoperability. Participants in the LSPediA FDA Pilot were Top 10 wholesale distributors, brand and generic manufacturers, and dispensers. The FDA VRS Pilot was successfully completed on November 15, 2019. LSPediA plans to publish the Final Pilot Report in January.

In addition to our wonderful customers, we at LSPediA are all thankful for drug safety progress and innovations. The DSCSA is changing the way drugs are tracked and delivered in the U.S. As you know, it’s a huge undertaking—and one that is already improving patient safety.

Droguería Betances is a major wholesale drug distributor based in Puerto Rico that handles prescription products, consumer goods, OTC products and more. Hear from Frank Rivera, VP of Operations and Distributions, and Leonardo Gil, Supervisor of Returns and Inventory, as they explain why Droguería Betances chose LSPediA’s OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS) solution to meet DSCSA compliance for both facilitating risk mitigation as well as delivering business value.

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In November 2019, LSPediA’s OneScan VRS reached the milestone of 10,000 GTIN’s in our Lookup Directory and 100,000 verification transactions processed. Since launching OneScan, our clients have been able check the compliance box to green on their risk registers towards an automated ability to support VRS and move on to focus on their core business.  Request a OneScan demo today or read more about the solution here.

Learn how LSPediA’s clients are preparing for the November 2019 enforcement date for DSCSA compliance by utilizing our OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS) Solution.

Watch as Robert Urben – Solutions Engineer at LSPediA – demonstrates the various scanners and printers that are compatible with our OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS) Solution and Investigator Module.

The FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance requirement is complex and challenging.

Learn how wholesale drug supplies and drug manufacturers have been overcoming these obstacles.

DSCSA has great value beyond simply becoming compliant with the law. Find out how our customers’ have streamlined their operations and raised their return on investment by partnering with LSPediA. Also, read about how our software enabled Kowa Pharmaceuticals to go two entire years with zero errors in their shipping processes.

Meet Mark Rumble! Mark is the VP of Operations at Auburn Pharmaceutical and is responsible for warehouse and regulatory operations and DSCSA compliance.

Auburn Pharmaceutical chose LSPediA’s RxChain software as a turnkey solution to meet the DSCSA requirements of Track-n-Trace and Serialization.

Meet Robert Urben! Robert is the Solutions Engineer at LSPediA and works closely with our customers to ensure a smooth onboarding process with our OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS) solution. He enjoys the challenging and fast paced work he does managing projects at LSPediA.

Watch as Riya Cao – CEO of LSPediA – demonstrates how easy it is to verify serialized drug product by utilizing LSPediA’s OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS) solution and Investigator Module.

Verifier® is LSPediA’s Verification Router Service (VRS) for saleable returns. It functions as a platform, a network, and a cloud application so that companies can verify serialized products with a single scan of any 2D barcode. Verifier® routes verification requests to the manufacturer’s EPCIS serial repository for an immediate query and response. Verifier® not only works 24/7 but also offers sub-second response time for each transaction.

Meet Jessica Beaver! Jessica is the Vice President of Regulatory and Business Operations at Kowa Pharmaceuticals and has been a professional in this industry for 20 years, starting off as a pharmacist. Jessica and the rest of the team at Kowa take supply chain security and patient safety very seriously, so hitting the DSCSA requirement for Serialization on time is their top priority.

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) and Global Location Numbers (GLN) are essential master data for serialization among trading partners. Learn how to register with GS1 online today.

Looking to apply for a Global Location Number (GLN)? Watch our handy instructional video learn how.

Take a quick look at our RxChain DSCSA Serialization Solution and watch how easy the Serialization and Aggregation process is with help from LSPediA.

Check out how smooth the process of packing and shipping product is simple with LSPediA’s RxChain DSCSA Serialization Solution. Also, read about how our software enabled Kowa Pharmaceuticals to go two entire years with zero errors in their shipping processes.

Watch how streamlined our customers’ Pack and Pick Process RxChain DSCSA Serialization Solution and watch how easy the Serialization and Aggregation process is with help from LSPediA.