Making the Switch to LSPediA

Challenges of DSCSA

challenges of FDA DSCSA

The DSCSA compliance requirement is complex and challenging. Learn from the industry leaders who partner with LSPediA to work smarter, reduce waste, and generate profitability. Hear their story of how they overcome their challenges by partnering with LSPediA for compliance and value. Find out how LSPediA’s OneScan® VRS with the Investigator Module can help your business today.

Case Study – Kowa Pharmaceuticals

Kowa Pharmaceuticals Serialization and VRS Case Study

Kowa chose to implement LSPediA’s RxChain software solution for serialization to overcome the challenges of compliance while adding value to their daily operations. Kowa also chose to implement LSPediA’s OneScan VRS and Investigator Module solution to tackle Verification and Interoperability. Find out how they went two years with zero shipping errors with the help of LSPediA’s software.

Case Study – St. Mary

LSPediA St. Mary serialization case study

When the St. Mary’s DSCSA compliance requirement outpaced its track-and-trace solution from a large legacy provider, they set out to find an DSCSA serialization solution that would closely align with its business while also providing turnkey DSCSA compliance. St. Mary’s was delighted to find LSPediA’s RxChain® solution. Find out why in our latest DSCSA case studies.

Industry Leaders Select LSPediA for VRS

LSPediA’s proven VRS solution, OneScan® with the Investigator Module, has the largest industry coverage and the highest verification success rate. All businesses along the drug supply chain need an efficient, reliable, and proven VRS solution to be compliant with DSCSA. Find out why top Industry-leading businesses continue to partner with LSPediA and request a VRS demo today.

LSPediA Adds Axway as OEM Partner

LSPediA Partners with Axway Verification Router Service

LSPediA has licensed the Lookup Directory component of  their Verification Router Service (VRS) technology, OneScan™, to Axway. Axway’s VRS Solution is enhanced by integrating LSPediA’s Lookup Directory from LSPediA OneScan™, broadening the interoperability of both systems to perform product verification in real time with sub-second response for pharmaceutical products anywhere in the world. Read more about the partnership and learn how OneScan can help your business today.

LSPediA OneScan VRS Solution

LSPediA OneScan Verification Router Service (VRS)

OneScan with the Investigator Module is the most advanced VRS solution on the market combining powerful technology with a turnkey compliance architecture. Developed from the ground up, every feature, workflow, and security was deliberately designed with compliance, performance, and interoperability in mind. Find out more and download the data sheet.