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DSCSA Training: 101 DSCSA Explained & 201 DSCSA Requirements

DSCSA Training: 101 DSCSA Explained & 201 DSCSA Requirements

Boost your expertise in the pharmaceutical industry with our comprehensive course bundle, 101: DSCSA Explained and 201: Advanced DSCSA Requirements. Ideal for professionals working in the pharmaceutical supply chain, these courses provide a deep understanding of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and equip you with the knowledge to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

Join us remotely via GoToWebinar or in-person at LSPedia's headquarters in West Bloomfield, MI.

Course 1: 101 DSCSA Explained

  • Master the fundamentals of the DSCSA, including its purpose and implementation timeline
  • Learn about the various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain and their respective responsibilities
  • Engage with industry experts and peers to deepen your understanding of the DSCSA's impact on your role and organization

Course 2: 201 Advanced DSCSA Requirements

  • Delve into the specifics of DSCSA requirements, including serialization, product tracing, and suspect product investigations
  • Explore advanced topics in compliance, such as exceptions, exemptions, waivers, and more
  • Stay updated with recent regulatory changes and guidance from the FDA
  • Participate in interactive discussions and case studies to apply DSCSA requirements to real-world scenarios