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Customer Overview

ACI Healthcare USA is a generic pharmaceutical company, a subsidiary of ACI Healthcare Ltd., supplying high quality generic pharmaceuticals in the US in collaboration with partners.

The goal of ACI Healthcare USA is to delivery significant value to direct purchasers and consumers. ACI Healthcare Ltd. plans to delivery this goal through cost-effective manufacturing at its only-for-US, state-of the-art manufacturing facility in Bangladesh. Coupled with strong R&D operations at the Bangladesh site, the US site, and other sites throughout the world, ACI Healthcare Ltd. is well positioned to support the continuous growth of ACI Healthcare USA’s product portfolio. Aligned to deliver significant value to consumers, ACI Healthcare Ltd. centers its R&D activities on various drug development efforts from run-of the-mill generic products to generic alternatives of technologically advanced, hard-to-replicate multi-billion dollar brands.

Customer since
Integrated 3PL

In just 8 short weeks, ACI made the switch to LSPediA’s OneScan EPCIS solution from a legacy solution.

There is no shortage of challenges for pharma manufacturers. Serialization does not not need to be one. If your company is experiencing the pain of failed EPCIS, high software cost, and unresolved CMO issues, it is time to learn about making the switch to LSPediA. Join companies like ACI to enjoy 2 times the better outcome at half of the total cost.

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