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LSPediA Now Provides Solution for Food Safety and Traceability

September 10, 2021

Ensuring food safety and traceability is one of the biggest issues facing the industry right now. LSPediA’s OneScan solution is the perfect tool for the problem.

Is Your Food Safe to Eat?

In your lifetime, you’ve probably consumed a recalled food product unawares. Did you know that in the past year-and-a-half alone, there were over 500 instances of recalled product in the food supply chain?

Recalls are immensely damaging to the food industry. About half of all recalls are the result of preventable errors in labeling, packaging, and allergen identification. Just one of these clerical errors will result in a recall costing $10 million to resolve, not to mention irreparable costs in brand damage.

The other half of recalls are due to public health and safety concerns. High-profile recalls due to outbreaks of food-borne illness are becoming more common. In addition, awareness of public health issues is at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Can we make our food safer and the food supply chain secure?

A New Era

The FDA recognizes these shortcomings in the food supply chain. In response, they’ve drafted the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. This plan is a multi-step approach to modernizing the food industry through the application of modern standards and processes, methodically plugging up gaps in the supply chain to prevent mislabeled or otherwise questionable products from reaching consumers at the rate they do today.

As the New Era of Smarter Food Safety progresses, standards and regulations for the food industry will become stricter to match the rigor of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Industry must adopt new technologies to keep pace. It’s time to modernize.

LSPediA Provides Food Safety and Traceability Solution

One of the biggest obstacles to food safety and recall prevention in the food supply chain is the problem of traceability. Without lot control and electronic data exchange between sellers and buyers, food products are difficult to track, trace, and recall. LSPediA’s innovative OneScan VRS system is exactly the solution the food industry needs to guarantee food safety, traceability, and recall prevention.

OneScan is a cloud-based software solution that enables end-to-end traceability for lot and serial controlled products. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry by manufacturers, repackagers, distributors, and retailers alike. In the food industry, OneScan enables all downstream trading partners to directly trace products through the supply chain back to the manufacturer. On top of that, OneScan has an extensive system for questionable product identification and alerts, stopping suspect products from progressing through the supply chain and taking an proactive stance towards recall prevention.

Fearful of Recalls?

For food manufacturers, product recalls are a nightmare scenario. It is imperative that your company move to establish systems which automates current and future recall events. OneScan provides recall management and alerts to minimize damages and removes recalled products from the market quickly. Taking recall actions quickly as a product owner will continue to become increasingly important under the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety.

Contact us today to set up a no-obligation discussion. Our solution engineer will learn about your operations and recommend a solution to meet your food traceability needs.