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Product Manager

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Product Manager

West Bloomfield, MI
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Job Summary

Define and translate user requirements into design specification and functional requirement. Manage complex software development and integration development environment for software suite. Apply collaborative and continuous improvement concepts to software development. Emphasize close collaboration between development team, implementation team, and customers.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Initiate, plan, schedule, estimate, forecast, manage, and deliver all activities for Product and related release initiatives. Manage development and release execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope.
• Develop or update Product road map, development plans, specifications, schedules, funding, and staffing.
• Schedule frequent delivery of deployable code in sprints. Monitor or track project milestones and deliverables.
• Develop, update, maintain Design Spec, Functional Requirement Spec, Integration Spec, Release Notes, and relevant quality, training, and user documents.
• Develop and manage training programs, training media, training events for Product.
• Develop, manage, and deliver internal and external communications of Product.
• Evaluate and manage backlog of user change order and change requests.
• Participate in workgroups/pilot programs with GS1, HDA, FDA, and other industry workgroups to drive industry advancement.
• Demo Product and best practices to customers.
• Add brand value as the industry thought leader via publications, industry engagement, and speaking arrangement.

Work Styles

Leadership: Job requires a willingness to be humble, accept responsibility, and listen to customers. The job requires lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction.

Initiative: Job requires a willingness to personally take on responsibilities and challenges.

Persistence: Job requires persistence in the face of obstacles.
Attention to Detail Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.

Integrity: Job requires consistency of actions, methods, principles,
expectations, and outcomes.

Dependability: The job requires having excellent attendance, being reliable,
responsible, fulfilling obligations, and conduct all communications in
calm, respectful, and professional demeanor.

Effort: Job requires establishing and maintaining personally challenging
achievement goals and exerting effort toward mastering tasks.

Flexibility: Job requires being adaptable, open to change (positive or negative) and comfortable with considerable variety in the workplace.