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About LSPediA

About LSPediA

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LSPediA is a leading provider of enterprise supply chain software and services in the pharmaceutical industry.

LSPediA helps manufacturers, distributors and dispensers to make, move, track, verify, and protect Rx for patient safety. LSPediA’s supply chain software and Serialization Toolkit are used by manufacturers and distributors for:

  • Track and Trace
  • Serialization
  • Serial Warehouse Management

Utilizing LSPediA solutions, customers can meet the FDA’s DSCSA requirement and the global serialization requirement as well as achieve operational efficiency for healthier bottom line.

About LSPediA


LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers partner with LSPediA to make, move, track, verify, and protect the drug products in their care for patient safety.

LSPediA is different because our solution potential is limitless. Built with user efficiency, automation, and data security at their core, our solutions are transforming compliance and supply chain efforts. LSPediA’s OneScan™ and Investigator™ technologies enable error-free and keyboard-free capabilities for ASN, EPCIS, VRS, issue tracking, and interoperability.

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Advancing pharmaceutical industry through solutions, processes, and innovation.

Our Beliefs:

  • Creating value for our customers is the ultimate reward for ourselves.
  • Process ownership is the foundation of high performance.
  • The future is shaped by the vision of the process owners.
  • Our impact goes beyond our own boundaries.
  • Never forget our social and environmental responsibilities.
DSCSA Serialization Requirement Causes Leading Distributor/Repackager To Replace Large Track-and-Trace Vendor

Our Methodology:

Discovery Every solution starts with the discovery of issues, problems, and areas for improvement.

People A successful project requires employee buy-ins and process owners.

Process Improving the process is the root of all improvement.

Measure It’s essential to identify measurable outcomes and collect outcome data.

Technology Deploy technology as part of the process.