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Kimberly Sepsey Joins LSPediA as Director of QA 

By October 11, 2022Company News, Employees, News
Kimberly Sepsey | Director of QA

Meet Kimberly Sepsey, who is joining LSPediA’s Leadership Team as its Director of QA!  

Kimberly is an accomplished Quality Management Professional, with an extensive background in managing, leading, and advising companies to optimize their quality processes. Her experiences across 16 years and multiple industries have given her unique insight into the challenges that LSPediA tackles for its customers, as well as the strategies and procedures that will support its long-term growth and success. 

“LSPediA is ahead of the industry in so many ways – it’s exciting to become part of an organization that can offer so much, particularly as we help partners prepare for November 2023,” she said. “If you are in the pharmaceutical supply chain, what you want in a DSCSA solution provider is a partner who goes beyond compliance to full optimization. The quality system is part of how LSPediA helps customers improve efficiency and save money for years and decades to come, and that long-term thinking is what sets this team apart.” 

She will advance LSPediA’s quality system, the set of internal policies, operating procedures, best practices, and technologies that underpin its software and services; she’ll also continue LSPediA’s mission to incorporate quality into its corporate culture at every level. 

 LSPediA CEO Riya Cao commented, “It’s vitally important for LSPediA to excel in software development, and Kimberly has an incredible record of success and progress. Our quality system is an essential piece of LSPediA’s pedigree, and Kimberly is one of the very few leaders up to the challenge of viewing it holistically and moving it into the future. Her arrival here is perfectly timed to ensure that we provide absolute top-tier support for our partners who are achieving and building on DSCSA compliance in the critical year ahead.” 

Welcome aboard, Kimberly!