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LSPediA Met With 20 Companies at ECRM Branded Event in Charlotte, NC

The ECRM Branded Rx & Vaccine Program held last week in Charlotte, NC was a successful trip for  LSPediA’s Vice President, Solutions and Innovation Michael Ventura and Sales Executive Nick Schlaff. Both were at the expo where they sat down and spoke to roughly 20 pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Mr. Schlaff said he made plenty of connections while networking during the conference.  

“Working and meeting face-to-face with buyers, sellers and customers was priceless,” said Schlaff. “ECRM did a great job at positioning all attendees for success. Non-virtual meetings were a thing of the past until this week, where we got to meet with several companies to discuss the upcoming DSCSA deadline. It was time well spent.” 

The LSPediA team was updated on where various companies across the industry are in their DSCSA journey, and in turn shared information on what LSPediA can offer as a key cloud solution provider.  

“They take the time to learn everything about your business, your products, distribution, capabilities, and relevant certifications,” Schlaff said. “In short, anything a buyer needs to know about your business.” 

Events held by ECRM are critical with the DSCSA deadline of Nov. 27, 2023 only 17 months away. Companies are currently networking, brainstorming and planning for solutions to meet the deadline and comply with the FDA.  

Missed LSPediA at ECRM? We are still available to consult with you and suggest a course of action. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.